Day 113-an amazing and busy day!

Today started out amazing…with a sunrise hike at our favorite hiking spot!

The puppies and I woke up early and make up for the weekend apart with a wonderful hike…





It was still misty and foggy out, so the sunrise looked even cooler!


The pups enjoying the view…




Afterwards, my friend who was still visiting from our yoga weekend decided to help me paint the living room!  I was SO excited…I’ve been waiting to do this for months!  And it was so nice out we could open all the windows and leave the dogs in the yard to make it possible!  I LOVE that I went with the warmer color…it looks so relaxing and peaceful…like an ocean sunset!


At school I was able to give my presentation, which was a huge relief for the semester, and get caught up on some assignments and lots of things at work.  I was going to go home and work out, but my friend stopped by so I snacked and drank tea instead!  But I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and I’m deciding to get back into p90x!  I miss how awesome and strong I felt when I consistently lifted, so p90x is coming back out of the box…at least for 3 days a week lifting days!  I’m so excited to get my muscles back!

The last exciting news of the night was an email for a phone interview at a really neat nonprofit I applied to!  I don’t know what kind of chances I have, because I’m slightly underqualified in some aspects, although I have lots of experience in other parts from the job description.  Wish me luck!:)


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