Day 114…back to p90x shape!

Definitely started the day off on the right foot…getting back into P90X!  I really miss being my old jacked self, and even though I love dance and yoga, I really need to get back into lifting.  My old routine isn’t cutting it so I am going back to the p90x approach!  When I used to do these dvds, it kicked my butt, and I LOVE Tony Horton’s approach to fitness…what people don’t realize is most of the workouts are very basic lifts and fitness routines…he just adds on neat twists and modifications to get your muscles really guessing.  I also love that he combines basically every aspect of fitness into his workouts…strength, cardio, endurace, flexibility, speed…it’s all there.  Of course, I’m going to focus mostly on the strength dvds this time around, because I get a lot of my workouts in with dance and yoga during the week already (although I am super excited to add in at least one of the plyo and kenpo workouts a week too…they are fun!)  20121205-124705.jpg

I have to just gush a little more about how awesome the paint job in the living room turned out!  I am SO happy it’s finally done, and every time I walk into the room it’s a huge feeling of comfort and happiness…I LOVE the color:)


Since I woke up early and worked out, it was only proper to then cuddle with the cute puppies the rest of the day!


It’s amazing how small this little monster can make herself when she wants to look cute!

And the handsome boy just likes to look out the window all night…squirrels?  Racoons?


Cuddle party on the couch!


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