Day 115 – a busy day!

Woke up not feeling well, so I decided to do yoga at home to try and relax…ended up doing an hour of actually some pretty intense practice…it was like my body needed to cleanse and refresh through a vigorous practice even though I felt crappy.  By the end of it I was feeling much better…it’s amazing what yoga can do!

After yoga, I needed a break, as did the crazy dog…20121205-173652.jpg

I got to talk to hubby for a bit and we discussed Christmas presents and how I’m planning on redoing the whole bedroom and spare room as a joint Xmas present for both of us…I hope to have the whole house done by the time he gets back!  It’s keeping me busy and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it! 

I had worked out and finished lunch all before 11!  Weird!  So I had time to take the pups for a long walk…we went to a nature preserve 25 minutes from our house…it’s so fun there!  Reminds me of the James Taylor song ‘Country Road’…so then of course I had to listen to James Taylor the rest of the day:)


Adventure time!


What a pretty view!  I love being alone in the woods.  Someday I really want a farm with lots of land so I can just walk for miles and miles alone, knowing I’m the only one out there…ahhhh, such a nice thought!

Been having a pretty productive day at work…got some homework done…there is SO much and it’s kind of overwhelming…

Leaving in 15 minutes to go teach ballet!  I’m tired, but I really need another workout today so I’m pretty pumped!  Might even learn a new combination tonight with the students…we’ll see how it goes!



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2 responses to “Day 115 – a busy day!

  1. I seriously love your dog lol, reminds me so much of mine! Where you walked looks so pretty I bet your pups loved it!

    • My doggies are brats haha! They love hiking there! No one else is around, especailly early in the morning! We do have to watch out for stupid hunters around there though…it’s in the middle of nowhere. I have a bright orange hat but you always hear those scary stories of hunters who dont pay attention to what they’re shooting…hunting season stinks!

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