Days 116, 117, 118…busy, but still getting back to badass shape…


I’ve been slacking on posting every day…but in my defense, juggling my job at the gym, my counseling internship, a fulltime courseload of three grad classes, teaching yoga and ballet, running the house while hubby is away, and keeping my sanity intact takes up a lot of time!

Thursday I did more p90x, then taught ballet and did yoga, and worked/struggled to stay awake til midnight.  Friday I actually took a day off from working out (gasp!!!) because I had a migraine and it was raining.  We held our annual bench press competition at the gym and had some amazing lifts!  The winner was around 200lbs and his best lift was 340!  We didn’t have any girls this year though!  I was so upset…although if I would’ve jumped in and lifted, I technically could’ve said I was the female winner for the comp;)  Definitely a good inspiration to keep up with my ‘back to badass’ workout plan haha.

Today I woke up bright and early, all prepared to teach two yoga classes…but no one made it out of their house in the rain for my 9am!  So I hung around the studio doing my own practice and reading until the 11am…it was actually quite relaxing.  The 11am hatha class was fun, but I usually don’t teach slow relaxing yoga, so it’s a challenge for me!  I think it was a good class though…I incorporated lots of meditation and long stretches.  I also read a quote from “Way of the Happy Woman” at the end to tie things together.  My theme of the class was trust in and surrender to the universe…knowing and feeling that we are right where we are meant to be and that if we follow the peace and love in our hearts, we will end up on the path that we are meant to take.

My old college friends visited all afternoon, which was awesome!

After they left, operation badass went back into full swing…

15 minutes on the spin bike…aka the cardio torture device!  I don’t know how I can have so much endurance while running, but cannot last more than 10 minutes at a time on a spin bike!  Soooo hard!  Love it though…really works up the heart rate!


Then came 30 mintues of p90x…I mixed together moves from two of the dvds (back and biceps, and shoulder, biceps, and triceps) because I’m trying to make up my own routine since I can’t follow the exact calendar for it…and then I mixed in some of my own favorite moves to even thing out…some bench press, sit ups, and overhead extensions.


I love getting back into weight training!  Having my old energy and strength back is SUCH an amazing feeling!  Thank goodness for b12 shots and finding out about my vitamin deficiency!  I am so happy and motivated again in my workouts!

lift mix

My mix for the workout of the day!

Now for some cute puppy pictures…


No, doggy, you cannot bring the giant stick inside!  Yes you look guilty because you know this was not right!


Monster is still obsessed with her rope swing!

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  1. This is amazing! Good work

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