Days 119 and 120…the semester is over!


This weekend was hectic, but great. I love having friends over, but it can get a little draining having a full house when you know you have a lot of work to get done.  Nonetheless I loved seeing lots of old friends.  I had a small yoga class Sunday morning, which was nice and relaxing, then we went home and did some much needed decluttering.  I finally got rid of the old mattresses and cot that were stored in the bedroom closet and I’m now able to actually USE our huge closet!  In the spirit of putting off my homework until the last possible minute cleaning and being responsible, I then decided to tackle the giant annoying old fridge that’s been in our basement since we moved in. Alone. Great idea.


Suprisingly, my superman strength got the fridge across the basement and halfway through the doors to the garage…then we got stuck…


Posing while crawling over the fridge and figuring out my next step…




Chloe giving me that “What are you doing, you crazy lady???? Why are you crawling on a fridge you just flipped over???” look…

Luckily my roomie came back just in time to help me get it to the basement.

Then I decided I really SHOULD get my homework done…especially since I had quite a few assignments to hand in so I didn’t get an incomplete for my independent study class!  After three or so hours of solid homework mode, I got EVERYTHING done and emailed in!  Now to wait and hear back from the professor….let’s hope it’s good!



The puppies got bored with my homework and slept peacefully while I slaved away…

This morning, I went into my internship and was happy to see how well the kids in our small group for organizational skills are doing!  They are genuinely excited about school and homework now!  I must admit though, I do feel guilty ranking their points for organization when I know that if a teacher looked at MY backpack, purse, car, or binders right now, I would have a huge fat zero score for all areas.  Oh well, I think I’m still doing okay.


I got an early Christmas present from hubby today…a cute little Afghani Christmas camel!  He is chilling out next to my vase from the last deployment.  I love having unique cultural decorations versus a whole house full of ikea, haha.

On my way to work I had a phone interview for a job I am pretty excited to possibly get next spring/summer…it would be student services/counseling for a nonprofit.  I feel I did really well and had great rapport with the supervisor on the phone, so we’ll see what happens!  I know that whatever job is meant to be will be, so I don’t want to get too attached to anything in particular, but this organization is really neat!

After class, I personal trained with my client, then came home, snacked, and hopped on the spin bike for 15 minutes of sprints…that bike kicks my butt every time!  I literally have to psych myself up for 5 minute intervals, jumping off in between for water breaks!  Either my endurance is really suffering from not running for a while, or spin is just really that hard for me!

Last but not least…Chloe got a little rough with her strange game of attacking people’s feet and scratched mama’s leg a little too hard…ooooooowwwwww!


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