Days 121 122 123…winter stress and coping…


I feel like I’ve been slacking on my posts lately, and it’s because I’ve been dealing with my yearly struggle with winter stress, depression, and anxiety.  As a counseling student, I can say I have undiagnosed seasonal affective disorder and issues with anxiety disorder without sounding too much like a hypchondriac…it’s funny that most counselors don’t seem to seek out diagnoses or help because we believe we have it all together and already know all the answers.  I can go over all my struggles with every counseling theory, set up behavior intervention plans, do mindfullness meditation, cognitive behavioral therapy, etc, but at the end of the day, I honestly do struggle sometimes.  And it’s most evident in the winter, when it gets cold and dark…and dealing with the deployment definitely makes it that much harder. 

So the last few days have been a mix of keeping busy and using some of my coping skills to stay peaceful, balanced, and stress free…

It was great subbing for yogasweat on Tuesday…after a morning run it was good to stretch and keep moving and positive.20121213-203008.jpg

As more than half of our staff is sick, I refuse to give in to any kind of cold or flu this year, so I’ve been downing tea by the gallon…my new favorite is packed with echinacea, elderberry, and other wonderful immune boosting herbs…doesn’t smell too good, but tastes decent and I’m hoping it keeps working!


Wednesday was pretty out, so I posed for some pictures with the puppies…they were amused.



Puppy kisses make every day sooo much better!

My new favorite thing for fall….this tea from TJ’s is delicious…it tastes and smells like a fancy Starbucks latte, but it’s just tea! In love!


Today we were lucky to have a wonderful mild December day, so I went for a 3.4 mile run…and decided to hit up my old favorite trails in our town…it was great!  So relaxing!




Since I have been having some trouble coping in the last few weeks, I decided to go back to my old winter stand-by…St John’s Wort…this herb is a lifesaver for me when dealing with being sad or anxious in the winter…I try to go a whole season without it, but I always end up buying some and getting into a routine with it, at least for the coldest and darkest months of the year…I’m also going to buy some Kava and Passion flower tomorrow.  I have too much I’m dealing with to let my stress and anxiety keep me down and set me back!  I will get through this winter staying relatively positive and healthy!




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