Days 124 125 & 126…lots of yoga and workout fun!

What a good weekend!  To start off on my last day before break on Friday, my boss gave me the sweetest Christmas gift…so silly, and I love it!


On Saturday, I taught two yoga classes back to back…my usual vinyasa, then my nice new restorative class I took over this week…it is such a departure from my usual style to teach a class where you hold the poses for a few minutes at a time and use blankets and blocks…but it was super relaxing!  And of course it was an excuse for a whole new playlist…always fun!

After yoga, it was a lazy afternoon, but I didn’t want to waste the nice day, so I took the pups for a nice drive down to the rustic beach we love…it’s an hour drive but there was nothing else to do anyway…we only walked for 15 minutes cuz other people were there with dogs, which freaked out my two and so we had to turn back, but I think it’ll be a super fun walk someday when it’s snowy and no one else is there!


They had a lot of fun even though we weren’t there long…


After the beach they were so tired…it was a nice relaxing night!


Later on, I did some spin and lifted weights…then I watched “Waiting for Superman” on Netflix…what a powerful movie…it was really great and highlights so many of the reasons that I have trouble wanting to work in education someday but getting upset with all the politics of it.  And those kids are all so precious!

Sunday was awesome too…pilates/yoga in the morning and one of my regular students and his daughter gave me a nice gift card for Christmas!  How sweet!  We did a special meditation on peace and bringing peace and compassion to ourselves and the world.  Everyone needs to do their part to be peaceful and compassionate in order for that ideal to become realized in the world.

I got to talk to hubby today which was great!  We were supposed to skype, but his internet is down, so that was sad, but it was so nice hearing his voice and getting to talk all about our week.  I miss him so much…sometimes it’s so hard to really think about why he’s gone and how long he’s been away over the years…but I focus on staying positive and not dwelling on things that can’t be changed.  In the end, it is just going to be so amazing to have him back in the spring.  I just hope that the next few months fly by and are full of blessings and positive things.

Again, with this weather, I had another lazy day with the dogs…watching Pitbulls and Paroles, reruns of Buffy (LOVE that show and miss it!), and HGTV.

Had to burn off some energy so I did the p90x Kenpo tape around 8…I love kickboxing…it makes you feel so strong!  Now it’s time to rest, and then wake up bright and early for a big job interview in the city tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

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