Days 127, 128, 129…dance, hiking, home improvements…

Home repair week! With my time off work and class, I’ve been taking on tons of home improvement projects!  First…patching a huge surprise hole I found in our wall!


Monday night I went to Zumba night style…our instructor gives out glow bracelets…it was awesome!


Tuesday morning big interview!  Not sure if I’ll get the job because it’s a super competitive interview multi step process, but it was worth going and meeting with everyone.

20121219-205358.jpg…I never get all dolled up, so it was fun!


Pups loved having a day without rain and enjoyed the yard!


Wednesday was actually quite nice out…after I taught my yoga school group, I took the dogs for a nice hike!


Such a gorgeous day!  I love this place!  Makes me feel like I live in the desert somewhere completely different.


Then I finally tackled our big bedroom painting project! So much fun!  I really like how the lavender color turned out!



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2 responses to “Days 127, 128, 129…dance, hiking, home improvements…

  1. MC

    love the color you picked for the walls

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