Days 130 and 131

I was really slacking on the pictures the last two days! Thursday I went to our old town for coffee with a friend…my favorite place right by the harbor, I really miss living there even though I totally love our house. I just sometime wish we could move our house and yard somewhere different!

It was pretty chilly so there were kits of puppy snuggles!

Had a great personal training session with my client yesterday. She is doing a 100 mile running challenge in January…racking up 100 miles in a month. Now I’m not in the running shape I used to be in, but she did inspire me to at least start getting my mileage back! Today I had the most wonderful easy 4 mile run! Totally loved it even though it wasn’t super fast!


I’m also back on my old diet. I tried all summer and fall to eat a more “normal” diet since everyone gets on me for obsessing about my weight and what I eat. I know the vitamin deficiency really messed up my metabolism so now I’m workin hard to figure out a diet plan that works for me. I know realistically I’m still a healthy weight, but seeing the numbers go up 10 lbs when I’m not doing anything wrong is frustrating. Time for a new game plan!


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