Day 132 …I love yoga Saturdays!


Day started off great…I was super psyched to teach my Saturday vinyasa class and I got to wear one of my new yoga shirts I got myself for Christmas with a gift card!


I love starting off my weekend with sets the stage for such a relaxing and peaceful few days.


I love feeling more and more flexible and strong with every practice.  My three-legged dog feels so much more powerful and balanced now.  One of my favorite poses…


I love the Buddhist words of wisdom in our studio…such great reminders before class…


I saw this photo on Yoga Inspiration’s facebook page today…what a beautiful example of using yoga for more positive and inspiring parenthood.  What a great example this mother is setting for her son.  I thought this photo was just amazing.


To top of my day, we had a lazy day on the couch snuggling since it was freezing outside.  Chloe decided to just sit on my lap staring at me for a while…such a weirdo.



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One response to “Day 132 …I love yoga Saturdays!

  1. Awesome, I’ve always wanted to try yoga. I’m going to put it on my list for the New Years

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