Day 133…yoga, painting, puppies, and a Skype date<3

What a great day…started out as usual, at the yoga studio…love my Sunday crew!  A fun and challenging yoga/pilates class today and some new students who said it was quite the workout!


Then it was a day of arts and crafts!  I miss painting and music, so I’m using my time off to get back into my old hobbies…I painted my good friend this prayer piece since she is converting to Catholocism this year.  I don’t really consider myself traditionally religious, but I was raised so and can see the beauty in most religions so doing this piece was great.  I love Latin and certain neat traditions like the rosary, or any type of prayer beads, so I thought it went well together.  She really liked it and that made me so happy!


Then I decided to make a copy of a picture I took on my trip to visit hubby before he deployed.  I’ve been meaning to do a series of these since he left but this was the first time I’ve had the spare time…I think it turned out pretty okay!  I can’t wait to hang it up in our living room.


Puppies were tired from playing in the yard and fell asleep in a cute puppy huddle.


My aunt sent me a text of the dog we rescued and fostered that my family then adopted…he is SO spoiled now!  It’s his first real Christmas and you can tell he is basking in it…antique chair and all!


I waited all day for my weekly call from my husband, but was so sad that he didn’t get a chance to call.  Finally at 7pm he came online and had a chance to actually SKYPE for the first time since he’s been over there!  Finally getting to see his face for the first time in over 3 months was the PERFECT Christmas present.  It made my whole holiday season complete!  I can’t stop smiling:)


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