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Days 166-169…yoga and wellness week!

Little brown monster got a bath this weekend!  Little blonde monster still needs to go to the groomers, but we haven’t had time to get him there yet…it will happen soon though!


January and February are CRAZY busy…I am SO happy to see January come to a close because it means classes and work and teaching will all be in full swing, and this crazy hectic calendar will be a thing of the past!


Found a new (or new to us) bakery in our neighborhood and everything looked AMAZING.  E is going to LOVE it when he gets home!  My old roomie and I went after yoga, and she went  back later for lunch!


I LOVE getting updates on my old fosters…especially little Kindle, since my mom and aunt adopted him!  He is having a blast during his first northern winter…he loves the snow!


And the little wolf dog who used to be too nervous to sit still now loves to SNUGGLE!  Melts my heart!


After yoga on Saturday, my old roomie and I had a craft day!  We make homemade dream catchers…it was such a fun project and goodness knows I need something to help me have nicer dreams!


I got to babysit for the kiddos I used to nanny for this weekend we had SUCH a blast!  I love keeping in touch with the kids I nanny for in the past, and how nice to be able to spend time with two of them!  I thought their cat’s obsession with their new wood stove was adorable!


I am finally getting happy with where my body is at again!  Having the energy to get back into lifting heavy and running as started to give me back the muscle and shape that I love!  I also am obsessed with shawls this winter!  In total me-style, I have been dressing like a gypsy, wearing my shawls as headwraps when it’s cold and shoulder wraps just to hang out.  Loving it!  Rocking my style on Sunday at yoga…


Even though I’m not a big winter person, this sunsets have been nice lately!


Speaking of cold winters, this weather has been perfect for an excuse to snuggle on the couch all the time!


I got a great deal on this yoga top at Macy’s …a total ripoff of a lululemon style, but like 1/4 the price!  I love that it’s nice and loose-fitting, but still is flattering.  Such a good shirt to just chill out or teach a relaxing class:)


I had a super busy Monday…we started our wellness program to help students get healthy for spring break through wellness coaching and workout plans, and I also got to LEAD my own yoga workshop on camps!  The theme was yoga and healthy intentions for the new year…we did yoga, meditation, art journaling, and made worry stones!  It went great…and 13 people showed up which is huge for a beginning of the semester program!


This morning, we slept in, and then little monster had to get rid of her excess energy by attacking her tree toy!




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Days 163, 164, & 165…last semester begins!

This is the last first week of grad school!  I will be done in the spring!  Of course I’ll still have to get a few more credits for my licensing, but my master’s will officially be done as of June 2013! 

It was a bit of a stressful week getting everything ready for the students to retrun…finalizing the fitness schedule, going to meetings, getting back into the swing of things at my internship, and teaching yoga at my other studios…as well as going to my first classes of the semester, which I think are going to be great! 

The fun part is planning a big yoga workshop I will be leading Monday about setting healthy intentions for the new year, using yoga and art…these river rocks with reminders of our intentions are going to be one of the art projects, along with a nice journal to keep track of the healthy goals we make!  Not sure how many students will come, but I think it will be fun anyway!


My dogs are so bored with the cold weather lately, that they just sit on the couch and kiss each other all the time…Chloe looks so annoyed…



My mom sent us this cute card for Valentine’s day…I LOVE sappy Valentine’s cards haha.  Yes I am still 8.


My old roomies had a fun Texas roadtrip that I couldn’t get time or money for, but the other day in the mail, I got 4 postcards from their trip all at once…it felt nice that they were thinking of me even though I couldn’t be there!


With this frigid weather, I’ve gotten creative with my outfits.  Hubby bought me this scarf in Kuwait last deployment, and I’ve been using it as a shawl/head wrap to deal with the cold.  My friend from school called it my ‘babushka’ like old Russian ladies wear haha.  Her and our other friend were laughing at me, but tempered it with, “No no no…that’s totally your style…very unique..very Theresa…” …haha not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’ll take it!


Last night I taught a great Yogalates class…7 people in our nice small studio…great workout and great energy!

Tonight was personal training…I forced my very running, functional training-oriented client to do a bunch of difficult yoga stuff just to change things up.  She enjoyed the challenge, but I don’t know if I have her completely hooked yet!

Since I’m trying to readjust to working til midnight again this semester, I have decided to get my mid range training runs in on these nights in preparation for the half in April!  It really helped the night go by and gave me energy so that I don’t even feel like it’s already 11pm!  (Might also be because I just ate blueberries and a sugar cookie…need to work on my post-run nutrition…I always just want SWEETS after I run…anyone else have that issue??)

All in all I was happy with my run…4 miles, but feeling great the whole time!  Started out slow because my hip had been bothering me for a few days, but it felt okay, so I was able to do some speed work, alternating between 10 min pace, 930 pace, and finally 830 pace…going to faster intervals as I neared 4 miles.  I don’t know jack about speed work and make up my own drills as I go, but it was fun to push myself to go faster as I got more tired!  All in all it was a great workout!


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This looks delicious! I really want to make this!

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Days 159-162…a surprise 10k and a birthday care package!

Friday was an all day work training….oh joy.  So glad I went early to jump on the elliptical or else I would’ve gone crazy sitting around all day!  I was disappointed at the ‘healthy’ food options though…I got halfway through my berries only to realize some of them were MOLDY!  Ugh!!


We had a few nice days…but it was still a little chilly…pupster had a blast when she realized the water bowl had created a giant ice toy…


After yoga on Saturday, my old roomie and I decided to go for a quick run because it was semi-nice out…sunny and in the 40s!


Don’t mind my giant man-sweatshirt…it’s my ‘Don’t bother me, I’m busy running’ shirt!


What started out as a quick 5 k turned into a 10 k!  My dear friend, who has never run over 3 miles, turned out to be one of those lucky naturally talented runners…we hit miles 3, 4, and 5 and she was still on fire so we just kept going!  I think I was feeling it more than she was!

Getting to the finish was awesome…we had a celebratory photo shoot!


Running buddies!


The drive home was wonderful…gorgeous sunset on the bridge!


And with all that working out, I got to eat lots of cookies that night:)


I decided to go for it and attempt the cake in a jar for E’s birthday care package on Sunday.


It turned out just how it was supposed to!  I was very happily surprised!  I hope it holds up well in the mail!


I also finished my art projects for our bedroom…I love getting decorations up on the walls!



Today was a wonderful workout day…elliptical and some intense weights!  I love getting strong again…I feel great being able to get back into my old routine.  I am already seeing my body going back to how it was…I love feeling muscular and strong instead of just trying to be ‘skinny’.



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Days 155-158…back and better than ever!:)


Finally feeling better!!  I beat the dreaded flu with all natural remedies…lots of sleep and herbs and vitamins.  4 days later, and I’m back and better than I was before!  Added bonus is I had an excuse to eat lots of yummy feel good food, like my beloved pumpkin chocolate mash!20130117-130924.jpg

We had the most wonderful beautiful two warm days!  Almost 60 in RI in January!  I celebrated by painting outside at my favorite spot!


And the puppies loved having grass back for a few days!


Lounging in the sun makes us all SO happy!


If the weather stayed like this all year, I’d be perfectly happy!


I celebrated our second gorgeous day by going for a nice 3 mile run…it turned out a lot better than the run I attempted on Sunday before I was completely healed and had to stop four times.   This was a wonderful run just like the good old days!  Love getting my mileage back up…I hope we have a few nice days this winter like this so I can keep up with my running.  I love the Arc Trainer, but logging real miles is just so different.  I’m also signed up for at least one more half marathon this year! I need to get my mileage back to where it was.  I am seriously debating trying for a full marathon, but I dont know if my body is ready for that yet.  I am still getting my vitamin levels back to where they need to be and with my history of stress fractures, I don’t want to push myself too much.  Maybe just a few halfs to get my endurance where I like it, then try for a marathon next year…it would be fitting to run 26 miles at age 26, no? 


I just had to share one of my new favorite quotes…I need to make this into a painting for our house soon…


Also had to share this…I laughed out loud when I saw it…confusing those around me who don’t always appreciate good yoga humor.  It’s doubly amusing because hubby calls me T-Rex as a nickname…and I teach yoga…oooohhh the irony.


Two new art projects I’m working on…to go with the lavender theme in our room…the shutters are going to act as a picture frame of sorts and the flower picture may get a quote added to it…still a work in progress..


In other exciting news…my skin has finally cleared up!  No more painful ugly eczema!  What was the culprit?  Eggplant!  Seriously?  Yes…the same girl who is allergic to such gems as dairy, wheat, peanuts, kiwi, and honeydew melon, is also allergic to eggplant….oh joy.  But at least I figured it out and can wear my wedding rings again and actually use my hands:)


I am getting back into my awesome beast workout modes again…loving it!  Running, arc trainer, and some heavy duty lifting! 

I’m working on getting back to my personal bests for lifting and this week my stats are improving…still not where I was on some, but I’m proud none the less considering how weak I had gotten:

Leg press 150lbs, 20 reps

Deadlift and Squat 95lb, 12 reps

Unassisted bench press 65 lb, 12 reps

Clean and overhead press, 50 lb, 20 reps

Pulldown, 55 lbs

Biceps and Triceps, 15 lbs, 12 reps


Huge snow storm two days ago…as hard as I tried to stay positive, I couldn’t help but spend the morning looking up homes in SC and GA on Trulia…I found this amazing old farmstead by Charleston and almost booked my ticket and put in an offer sight unseen, but then hubby reminded me we have to wait til he gets home and his contract is up…so 5-6 more years of cold winters I guess….but at least I can dream and plan for our nice warm farm someday!



What have I been putting off?  Oh nothing, just my grad school graduation app….not that I’m not super excited to be done in the spring…I just think it’s so DUMB to have to pay $200 regardless of whether or not you are walking!  Sooo frustrating…don’t we pay enough to just go here?  Why does a piece of paper cost $200?


On a happy note…I LOVE new workout clothes…just taught ballet and am feeling fabulous:)



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Updated yoga playlists:)

Some updated yoga playlists, per request:)















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Days 152, 154, 154…slow recovery…

It took a lot longer than usual to recover from this flu bug!  I definitely see for once why the news is making a big deal about all the super bugs this year!  I made it through with my usual resolution of taking no meds or going to the doctor.  I just overdosed on herbs like echinacea, elderberry, pau d’arco, zinc, lemon, ginger…and tons of tea.  I had a fever for almost three days…but I just let it run its course…a  lot of people don’t realize that your body heats itself up to kill off a virus and if you interrupt that process, you are going to stay sick longer.  I just keep my head cool and let my body burn off the fever.  The worst part is that my sinuses always take a cold super bad, but with a humidifer I survived.  I am still slightly off…but I was able to go for a short run and hike yesterday…barely lol…but I’m getting there.

Today I am hitting the gym, getting back into strength training and some good cardio.  The short run yesterday really helped and I need to get back into shape this winter.  I am signing up for another half marathon this fall:)  My best friend from home is flying up to run my favorite ocean front race with me!  It’s going to be great!

One of my yoga friends posted this the other day and I LOVE it…what a wonderful combination of counseling and yoga theory!


I really need to focus on doing this and really living it.  I plan way too much for the future, to the point that it isn’t even helpful.  We assume that if we spend time planning, things are going to somehow work out and it makes us feel secure…however there is no guarantee for anything other than the present moment, and when we obsess over planning we totally miss the present moment and never really live!  I am making a huge effort to just enjoy the present and stop with my over analyzing and over planning.  It’s my biggest new year’s resolution…but not another plan …just a goal…lol.


I finally posted my two new paintings in our room.  Even though I’m still getting used to the purple paint…I think once I decorate and hang up all our pictures, the color won’t seem as bright.


My top tumblr find from the weekend was this recipe for paleo pancakes…I cannot wait to make these!  Just blended banana and eggs with whatever flavorings you want!

Yesterday I was finally feeling like I needed some fresh air and I was semi okay to drive…although I had to cancel another yoga class which was sad.  I decided to take the dogs for a super early morning trip to the beach.  They love it there and the ocean really does just help my mood so much!  And all that fresh ocean air!



We hadn’t been to this beach since the hurricane and wow, it was completely different!  All sorts of sand dunes just gone and concrete barriers all over the place…wow!  The puppies were especially interested in all of the washed up lobster traps!  Haha!




And later on, as we sat in the yard enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, little monster decided she wanted to play the darn foot game my husband taught her before he left…thanks again, dear!


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