Days 140, 141, 142, 143….snowed in! but light at the end of the tunnel…

Well, we got our first big snow of the year…about a foot in one night…it was pretty intense…


Even though I can’t stand being cold, I can sometimes appreciate the beauty of a snowy morning..


The puppies had fun in the snow too!


And I shoveled our entire driveway by myself!  So proud of my self and my health…last year I totally would not have had half enough energy to even think about doing this!  I really am getting better:)


Since we were snowed in, and I can’t be out in the cold too long because of my literal allergy to the cold… (I have Raynaud’s and Chilblain’s…basically my circulation is messed up in my feet, so if I’m in the cold too long I get a form of vasculitis/frostbite in my toes…yeah…we HAVE to move down south sooner rather than later!!!)…I decided to take up some fun indoor activities!

I’ve been meaning to read Cold Mountain for forever…and I think it’s pretty fitting…my husband is away at war while I hold down the homefront!  It is amazing to think that all wars are pretty much the same…the same pain on both sides, the same struggles for those who fight and those who are left at home.  I am gaining some really interesting perspectives from this book.  And I love reading anything about the South.


I hate being snowed in, so I was a little sad and depressed the last few days, but Chloe caught on and said, “oh no you don’t go crying and being sad!  I will SNUGGLE you to death if you keep crying!!!”


I also finished two paintings I’ve been working on for a while and started some other art projects…I love having time to work on my art over break!


Puppies had lots of play time in the yard since we can’t hike.


This morning I saw a woodpecker on our tree!  So cool!


It was an unexpected surprise to be needed at my internship this morning…I had read the schedule wrong and thought the school was closed today.  Luckily I wake up at 630 every day regardless of what I’m doing, so I was able to drive in just in time for my yoga group with the girls!  They are such a great bunch and we had a fun morning.  It was so great to be back into a schedule.  I always go a little crazy over winter break.  I get anxious and depressed at the same time.  I guess I feel like I’m not doing anything and not being productive…and the lack of a schedule forcing me to go out and do anything does not help.  I really felt 100 times better just getting out of the house, interacting with everyone, and getting something accomplished.

I also made a care package for hubby today…just some sweets from Trader Joes and a book and calendar for the new year.

No one came to my dance class tonight…probably because it was freezing…so I just went home and danced myself and did yoga.  Still a great workout, but now I’m exhausted.

I have my PreNatal and Level 3 YogaFit teacher training this weekend..I’m a little anxious about driving there 6 hours and staying at the hotel alone.  I really do not like traveling by myself that much, but I am really trying to think positive and make the best of it.  I know I will love the training itself…its the long drive and all that time alone that is unnerving.  But I am actually going to my first ever counseling session tomorrow!  I finally mustered up the courage to get some help with my anxiety and some other issues I deal with.  I refuse to go on meds, but I found a great holistic counselor who focuses on coping strategies and actual talk therapy…I am excited to get a fresh perspective on what I’m dealing with, and also every counseling student is constantly pestered to go to counseling during the program to get a feel for the type of counselor we want to be, so I’m pretty excited about it all around.

Not sure if the link will work, but a new favorite yoga song I’ve been playing on repeat is Tina Malia’s Jai Bhagavan…so beautiful, check it out!

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