Days 144-151…yogafit trainings, back to work, and a cold…

What a crazy week!  I had two yogafit trainings in one weekend, went back to work a week early from break, and then got a cold yesterday.  Every time I wanted to update my adventures, I was either busy or exhausted or sick!  So here we are at day 151…you know what that means????? HALFWAY THERE!!!!!  We are at the halfway point of the 300 days and that feels fantastic!:)

So let’s recap the last week…lots of puppy snuggles…


A full day of learning about Prenatal yoga…such a really amazing and inspiring training.  It is so interesting to learn about all the intricacies of the whole pregnancy and birth process…and we had two moms to be in the class along with moms with experience, so it was a great group to be around!


I also got back into my cardio routines over the weekend…since I can’t run, I am going to be hitting up the arc trainer for the winter…I did an hour after Friday’s training and it was great!


We read Pathways to Joy for the level 3 training and I really loved this book…what a great summary of the philosophy of love and peace behind yoga.


Of course a training is not complete without some fun gratuitous yoga pose pictures!


The sunrise was so gorgeous over the Harrisburg bridge on my way to day three!


Yoga yoga yoga yoga…..


Caffeine and yoga…


Such a great weekend!


We learned all about the chakras, which was pretty neat too!


When I got home, I was right back into the swing of things with the puppies…such as their hour-long makeout sessions on the couch…


My nutritious sick-day lunch…

Spaghetti squash with salsa and vegetarian refried beans…Deeeelicious!


My of the only good parts of winter are the gorgeous sunsets…the contrast of the dark tree branches with the colorful sky…I love it!



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