Days 152, 154, 154…slow recovery…

It took a lot longer than usual to recover from this flu bug!  I definitely see for once why the news is making a big deal about all the super bugs this year!  I made it through with my usual resolution of taking no meds or going to the doctor.  I just overdosed on herbs like echinacea, elderberry, pau d’arco, zinc, lemon, ginger…and tons of tea.  I had a fever for almost three days…but I just let it run its course…a  lot of people don’t realize that your body heats itself up to kill off a virus and if you interrupt that process, you are going to stay sick longer.  I just keep my head cool and let my body burn off the fever.  The worst part is that my sinuses always take a cold super bad, but with a humidifer I survived.  I am still slightly off…but I was able to go for a short run and hike yesterday…barely lol…but I’m getting there.

Today I am hitting the gym, getting back into strength training and some good cardio.  The short run yesterday really helped and I need to get back into shape this winter.  I am signing up for another half marathon this fall:)  My best friend from home is flying up to run my favorite ocean front race with me!  It’s going to be great!

One of my yoga friends posted this the other day and I LOVE it…what a wonderful combination of counseling and yoga theory!


I really need to focus on doing this and really living it.  I plan way too much for the future, to the point that it isn’t even helpful.  We assume that if we spend time planning, things are going to somehow work out and it makes us feel secure…however there is no guarantee for anything other than the present moment, and when we obsess over planning we totally miss the present moment and never really live!  I am making a huge effort to just enjoy the present and stop with my over analyzing and over planning.  It’s my biggest new year’s resolution…but not another plan …just a goal…lol.


I finally posted my two new paintings in our room.  Even though I’m still getting used to the purple paint…I think once I decorate and hang up all our pictures, the color won’t seem as bright.


My top tumblr find from the weekend was this recipe for paleo pancakes…I cannot wait to make these!  Just blended banana and eggs with whatever flavorings you want!

Yesterday I was finally feeling like I needed some fresh air and I was semi okay to drive…although I had to cancel another yoga class which was sad.  I decided to take the dogs for a super early morning trip to the beach.  They love it there and the ocean really does just help my mood so much!  And all that fresh ocean air!



We hadn’t been to this beach since the hurricane and wow, it was completely different!  All sorts of sand dunes just gone and concrete barriers all over the place…wow!  The puppies were especially interested in all of the washed up lobster traps!  Haha!




And later on, as we sat in the yard enjoying the unseasonably warm weather, little monster decided she wanted to play the darn foot game my husband taught her before he left…thanks again, dear!


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