Days 170-172…fitness frenzy and a heat wave:)


Rocking my new favorite winter style…I wear this scarf just about daily either as a scarf or shawl…I’m hoping hubby will take the hint and send me more:)  It is the perfect winter/spring attire especially when you work in buildings where the heat is all wonky!

We began our monthlong spring break weight loss program this week and it has been a huge success so far!  We are over booked and the girls all seem so into it!  We did their measurements and gave them notebooks to track their progress!


We also have been having a bit of a heat wave this week!  I was so happy to be able to sit out in the sun!  Mr Jack is giving me a look like “My mom is crazy…”


I bought my bridesmaids dress for one of my best friend’s weddings this summer!  She just gave me the color she wanted me to get and I found this awesome dress for sale from David’s!  I ordered it a size smaller than I measured for because it is extra incentive to get back into shape for the spring/summer.  I’m so excited to get it…it actually looks like it’s going to be really pretty!


I had to share this ecard…it totally sums up the Friday nights my old roommate and I have been having…we meet up after work, gossip about life, wake up early for yoga, then spend the weekend doing crafts…


This morning was so nice that after my internship I took the puppies for a much needed hike!!


It was super windy, but we had a blast! 


I love my awesome hunter hat…I feel kind of badass in it…


It was a gorgeous day and the puppies loved it!…So did I!


Chloe took my lawn chair as an open invitation to sit on my lap, so we had some fun cuddle time!  I love this spoiled little monster girl.


I’ve been on a chill music kick the last two days…yesterday was stressful after teaching an unexpectedly packed yogasweat class to 20 loud college students, then having some home repair trouble…so I blasted chill 90s songs and made a new playlist before teaching my second yoga class of the day…it totally helped and I continued the theme today to stay chill and focused!


I couldn’t help myself…I had to work late so I caved and bought veggie sushi!  And ate it ALL!


Today I am super proud of myself.  I ate more than I’ve probably eaten all year.  Honestly, I don’t eat this much unless I’m running 10 + miles.  But I worked out so much I know I needed to fuel myself.  And I’m turning Thursdays into my splurge and workout a ton days…if I have to work til midnight, I might as well get my big workout in! 


I hiked the dogs, personal trained for an hour which probably burned more calories than I counted for it, ellipticalled for 40 mins, lifted heavy for 30 mins with a friend, and ran for 10 mins.  I’m feeling great!  And only about an hour til closing time!



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2 responses to “Days 170-172…fitness frenzy and a heat wave:)

  1. can I have your friday night? what a great way to end the week. also, I am a huge fan of scarves, they are perfect pieces to an outfit

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