Days 176-178…home repairs and healthy eating…

Let’s start off with some doggy fun…just to lighten the mood.  Chloe says “play with me NOW!”


Ok, now onto the serious stuff…we have…mice!  Ahhhh!  Apparently it’s really common in this area because it’s more rural and the homes are older, but still…ahhhh  eeeekkk ggrrrrr!  I didn’t realize how bad the problem was until I finally decided to investigate the cabinets above the refrigerator, where my dogs seem to hear noises…and horror of horrors…it was like a nest in there.  I am really not that messy I swear…although I could stand to be a little more organized…it’s just that I never have a reason to go into those cabinets…they are where we store our seldom used appliances and where hubby stores his stash of ramen and pasta…but ughh now I will never again let areas of the kitchen go untended to.

As I began to move the fridge and investigate further, I realized once more that whoever did the renovations on this house before us really did a half assed job.  The reason the mice got in the cupboards is that noone bothered to put sides on the cupboards…they just ghetto rigged them and left them open where they met the fridge!  And the outlet the fridge was plugged into?…oh yeah…no need to cover the hole around it or seal up the electric work…that would be too safe…and then the mice wouldn’t have a handy access point…gahhh.  Ok, ok enough venting….on to the smashing part…

I was so frustrated, I needed to just move and clean everything, but the fridge wouldn’t fit out of the kitchen with the island where it was… I grabbed a sledgehammer and smashed away the island (and my frustrations…)




Then I decided to rip up the nasty old linoleum and realized they had poured leveling compound over the wood…another wonderfully horrible shortcut…


Where the fridge used to be…I have a contractor coming today to let me know if I can take out the whole wall on the right side…I’d love to just open everything up to the dining room and make one big space…


Ohhhhhh….wonderful…beautiful…..this is what I WANT our kitchen to look like…. sigh…someday…

On a happy note, the on sale bridesmaid dress I ordered from David’s bridal online came and fit PERFECTLY!  I am in love with it and want to wear it everyday, not just for my friend’s wedding haha.  And strappless = even more of an excuse to work out!


I’ve also been getting back on track with my diet…cycling days of eating just what I need and keeping it healthy/not giving into cravings, with days of really fueling up for my longer runs and weight training days…


Side note, Eric sent some uniforms home from Afghanistan and the puppies just smelled the box and stood there looking pathetic 😦


Awesome sauce update:

I am getting my Masters in June!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I still have 18 credits and 1000 internship hours to get licensed over the next few years, but the masters will be done!


Anyone into precious stones?  I’ve been getting really into the healing and balancing properties of precious stones lately and I need help…the bottom one is my fave tiger’s eye bracelet, but I have no idea what stone the top one is…any ideas?


Other random update…yesterday was my hubby’s birthday, also making it three years since our big first date weekend…a wonderful weekend full of wonderful adventures…aka the weekend we went for a hike, I repeated over and over that we should just be friends and I wasn’t “that type of girl”, and at the end of it my roommate kicked me out of the apartment for her date night and I ended up having to spend the night of our FIRST DATE sleeping over at Eric’s apartment…yuppp…super classy.  Of course I slept on the couch and he was the perfect gentleman, but he made fun of me to no end after all my talk of not wanting to rush into things haha.  I sent him this wonderful picture of me to remind him that he is super lucky to have put a ring on it and have spent 3 years with me so far.


Yesterday was also a double header yoga day…taught yoga sweat and yogalates…man am I sore today!  But I felt SO zen all night!


And some fun to start the day with….

Mommmm…play catch with me!






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2 responses to “Days 176-178…home repairs and healthy eating…

  1. your dogs are hilarious! congrats on the graduation email! so exciting.

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