Days 179-182…snowmageddon 2013

Snuggly blizzard days…


Our furnace decided it didn’t want to work on the first day of the blizzard…luckily the snow wasn’t too bad yet so the plumber came and three hours later heat was back…but I broke the no bed rule that morning so we could all snuggle and stay warm until the heat was fixed!


Total hibernation mode with the storm in full force!


I was scouring the internet to keep busy instead of doing homework…wooops…and I found this shirt which I need to buy my husband when he gets home.


I continued with kitchen demolition-mania!  I really want cabinets that go the whole way to the ceiling!  Seriously, why would they put a false front above the cabinets?  It just closes the room off so much!


Which is why I SLEDGEHAMMERED THEM DOWN!  Woohoo!!! Ok, ok…I will admit the demo process gives me a bit of a power trip…


Couldn’t open back door….unacceptable, Nemo!  Not cool.


Chloe said, screw this, I am not even going out there!!!!!!! I had to shovel a path for Miss Princess.


Jack was loving it!




Yeah…those are our cars…


I am finding no joy in this storm…no sledding or skiing for me…not even thinking about it.




The puppies had created a pretty intricate system of pathways for themselves by day two…


While snowed in, I decided to do some p90x…I got about 20 minutes through Plyo…not my strong suit!  So I lifted instead.


Day 2 I attempted to shovel…


After about 15 minutes I said OH HELL NO and went in search of neighbors with snow blowers…

My faith in humanity was reinforced when my neighbor across the street came to help me out after I went up to him and his snow blower and pathetically said, ” I will pay you ANYTHING to come and do my driveway next…anything…”

Him and his son came over and did the whole driveway…so sweet.  I gave them a card with $20 even though they didn’t want to take it, and explained that my husband is deployed and there is no way I could’ve shoveled myself out.  They were so nice.  And today I saw them sneak over and shovel out the area the city plow had messed up so that I could get out if I needed to.  Made my heart happy:)



I enjoyed most of the day with a puppy blanket and hot tea…my friend’s town lost power so she drove up to stay with us after the travel ban was lifted…we watched movies and did yoga…


I got a new furry brown yoga block…


p90x yoga…awesome!


Of course the dogs had to do their own practice after we were done…



I enjoy doing yoga in my tropical colored pjs in hopes that when I am done it will magically be summer…

I watched the two most amazing and inspiring movies today on Netflix…like life-changing awe inspiring films…you need to go watch them now.


180 degrees south is a beautiful documentary about leaving the industrial world behind to climb, surf, and preserve nature in Patagonia in South America…I want to be the random surfer horseback rider girl that joins the adventure halfway through.  She literally is this beautiful island woman who just exudes happiness and confidence.  I was so inspired by her.

The Way is the Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez movie that won all kinds of awards.  Charlie Sheen’s son dies trying to do a pilgrimage hike from France to Spain and so he goes over there and ends up completing the journey for him, leaving behind his cushy life in the states.

Both movies made me crave summer adventures…warm weather, hiking, and doing new and awesome things is going to keep me going until spring gets here…I simply cannot wait to set out and do new things soon!

But for now…we are snowed in…


Guess we will just nap first…




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3 responses to “Days 179-182…snowmageddon 2013

  1. we used to shovel a path for my do go too. the only way she would go to the bathroom in snow!!

  2. So nice of your neighbors to be so helpful. 🙂 I hate plyometrics. I am terrible at that stuff!

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