Adventures for 2013…and beyond…

So watching 180 Degrees South and The Way this weekend really got me craving some adventures.  I used to be an adventure junkie.  I total restless spirit, constantly seeking out the next big trip or crazy thing to do.  In a way, it’s good I’ve calmed down a bit.  It means I’m content with where I am and what I’m doing.  But, now that I have my strength and energy and health back, I am really excited to be able to plan some big adventures this year, especially with my husband coming back and us planning some roadtrips this summer.

Adventures I would like to do this year:

*Finishing grad school and finding a new job/possibly starting my CAGS program

*Volunteering at an equine therapy farm

*More hikes with the dogs

*Hiking Mount Washington and other NH peaks with Eric…including at least one overnight tent camp out…always wanted to do this!

*Roadtrips down south with Eric…his beloved Bourbon Trail, and my Nasheville trip…possibly also the Smokey Mountains!

*Fun adventures in my hometown in PA when we go there for two weddings this summer…taking Eric to all my teenage hangouts…the country roads, swimming holes, and hiking trails!

*Possibly flying out to Cali to visit Eric’s sister at a training she will be at…beach, mountains, sunshine…sounds good to me!

*Completing two half marathons this year and getting back into prime running shape.



Adventures for the future:

*Traveling to South America and Southeast Asia…I’ve always wanted to explore the cultures of these two areas.  The tropical cultures of Brazil and the coast of South America, the mountains of Chile and the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu in Peru…and the age old wisdom and culture of Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism in Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, and India…the birthplace of yoga and Eastern religions…I would be so excited to just explore all of it!

*Hiking at least parts of the Pacific Crest and Continental Divide trails

*Exploring the wilds of Wyoming, Colorado, Montana…

*Hiking in Yosemite and climbing the cables at Half Dome

*Hiking more in Arizona and Utah…Arches National Park, Grand Canyon, etc.

*Someday starting my own therapeutic ranch and animal rescue center…after I get my counseling license.

*Someday adopting children…ok, this one is probably wayyyy far off, but it’s still an adventure goal!


I think it’s good to check in every once in a while with our goals for life.  Our plans for accomplishing our goals may change with our circumstances, but we shouldn’t ever let go of our dreams.  I know that someday and somehow I will accomplish these things, be it through working, volunteering, winning the lottery, or whatever it takes.  Some of them will be with my husband, and some will be by myself.  We both have our own goals and we need to stay true to what we each hold important…that doesn’t take away from any of our goals, but just reinforces the need to keep your own identity in a relationship.  I am so inspired to continue working towards these goals and can’t wait for all our adventures this year and on…



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2 responses to “Adventures for 2013…and beyond…

  1. I hope you get to accomplish all those adventures this year. I really haven’t done a lot of that in my life but I would like to do more especially when I can

    • Thanks! It gets harder to fit in new adventures. I used to have more freedom in my college years to do things like this, even though at the time I didn’t realize it. I was so busy with work and school and other issues that I wasn’t able to do the traditional study abroad semester or big spring break vacations. However, I did make room for random adventures when I could…driving by myself to Florida on a misadventure before senior year….hiking to the top of Mt Modadnock by myself, going on fun climbing adventures when I used to do bouldering, or traveling across country by train my senior year to visit my boyfriend (now husband). Now that I’m older, I need to plan a little more…we have to find someone to watch the house and dogs if we want to leave, as well as getting vacation time, and also compromising on which trips are important to just one of us or the both of us….but at the same time, we will actually have money to do some of the bigger adventures, so it’s a pretty fair tradeoff I guess.
      I’m sure you will be able to have plenty of adventures of your own! The key is to have a bucket list of what you want to do, but also to be open to anything that comes your way! Some of the best advenutres aren’t planned in the least:)

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