Days 195-197…sick:(

I felt a cold coming on Wednesday so in between my two yoga classes I stopped at Whole Foods for some nutritious food…


Even though we are no longer able to get our kitchen redone, I think just removing the island has really opened it up and I actually kind of like it now.  I will keep doing work on it on my own as I feel better, but for now I am going to just enjoy the process…slowly but surely we will have an updated kitchen!


The reason we can’t update our kitchen….notice the beam that is blatantly sagging?  Fun times.  Need to get that fixed ASAP before my bed literally falls through our living room ceiling.  Grrrr….old house problems.


The huge highlight of my week was realizing that we are in double digit-ville until Eric comes home, or at least until June which is homecoming month!!!!!!!  SO great to see that ticker go down from the hundreds to the 90s!!!:)


As usual, I did some new art this week.  My boss requested something relaxing and peaceful for her friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer.  I love this Kundalini blessing and decided to try turning it into a painting.  I hope it brings her some comfort.


The doggies have been so bratty and mad at me for being sick this week.  They hate just laying on the couch all day…and our car rides were only to the vet and grocery store.  When I drove by our usually hiking spots they cried and barked…I felt guilty.  But with this horrible plague I have I was in no condition to hike.  Sinus infection, cough, headache, dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath all weekend…I called off work on Thursday and Friday and cancelled weekend yoga classes…I NEVER do that.  I really hope this is the last sickness I get this year…I just need spring and the warm weather to come make me feel better!


My healthy ‘get better’ meals this week were…roasted cauliflower with roasted garlic…


and a breakfast beans and rice gluten free Amy’s burrito with roasted garlic… The salsa was the only thing that helped me breathe the first two days.


The dogs passed the time by making out on the couch…


Saturday I attempted to do some yoga just because I NEVER sit still for any length of time, let alone three days.  I made it about 20 minutes, then settled on some meditation since the room was all spinny….  The slow flow practice did help me stay relaxed and got the blood pumping though, so it was definitely a good idea to at least try it out, but if I thought I could make it the whole hour I was kidding myself.  Really glad I didn’t try to teach this weekend, I would have passed out…not very professional.


Yoga quickly turned into…sit on yoga mat, watch the snow fall, read YJ, and drink tea…it was still enjoyable.



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4 responses to “Days 195-197…sick:(

  1. your dogs are so adorable together, just sitting over each other like that. ha!

  2. He will be home in no time at all! I am going back to visit my parents in the States in April (from South Korea.) I feel like we were just at the 100 day mark the other day and today is only 64 days away. Stay busy, as it seems you are, and feel better!

    • Thanks! That’s so exciting that you get to go home for a visit! I am excited to go back to PA and visit my mom and friends once I’m done with school for the year! Luckily today I am feeling much better!:)

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