Days 229-239…When it rains it pours! Oh April showers!

There has been wayyyy too much going on lately for me to keep up with daily blogging!  I’ll just fill in on the highlights of the ten day span that life got hectic!

First, my lovely husband sent me this fraken-box full of awesome gifts from faraway lands…


Neat painitngs, scarves, a little lapis lazuli lion, another bracelet…I’m one lucky girl!!!


I have been inspired by some positive and calming quotes the last few weeks…I loved this piece of art I saw online…I kind of want it as a painting in my house!


I’ve been keeping up with my training to some extent…no super long runs, but a nice jaunt in the woods down to the water was a pleasant 4 mile loop.


Following my run, I enjoyed some coconut blueberry yogurt and homemade granola!


I really am enjoying my little ‘altar’ in my room…peaceful pictures, my little buddha statue, and nice candles…helps me relax before bed!


Homemade granola oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are the BEST invention.  Don’t judge me for making them the size of a small plate…


The weather is getting SO nice…hiking with the puppies is becoming a much more regular occurence!


And the crocuses have started to come up!!!


I had a few yardwork days, including starting a bonfire to burn off some scrap wood we had laying around!


The pups indulged me with some photoshoots, as usual.



Trying to get Chloe to pose for a cute picture…she said NO I WANT TO BITE YOUR HANDS!!!!



Saturday I went for a nice long run at a new park near Providence (well new to me!)  I dont know how I’ve lived here so long and never found this place before!!!!  So cool!


There were swans!!!


Well…it’s almost half way to the distance I’ll need by April 28th…this isn’t going to be my best half marathon ever, but I’m glad that I am still commiting to just get through it.  I think it’ll be a good motivator to keep up my training, and also such a great milestone to get me to May and graduation!



PS I love how McDonald’s advertises on the mapmyrun app…REALLY?! 


I am obsessed with my ProCompression socks!  wore these after my long run the other weekend and they are AMAZING.

More puppy spring weather photoshoots of course happened after my run!


Later on both dogs decided they HAD to sleep on my lap…no one at a time crap, both needed lap time RIGHT NOW!  Oh, pathetic attention hungry pups…




We enjoyed yet another hike at the sand dunes…love this place!


I absolutely love collecting little positive affirmations, especially regarding healthy body image…I found this gem on tumblr the other day and had to share…  I love this message, I have recently stopped weighing myself.  I am still focusing on eating healthy and working out every day, but I realized I was placing way too much importance on the number on the scale and for no reason.  No matter what I did, I couldn’t get the numbers I wanted, and it seemed the only time they changed was when I wasn’t even trying.  I decided it was time to put away the scale and just focus on how I feel and how I look.  I would rather be strong and healthy and doing all the things I love than be at a lower weight and be tired, miserable, and obsessive. 


My mom and aunt visited and brought up our little foster who they adopted…three amigos back together for the weekend!


Ultimate doggie fighting matches ensued lol…


We tried to relearn some basic obedience, but my mom has definitely spoiled him!


Many yoga adventures were had…and I got a new yoga shirt!  Time to play around with some balances!





Kindle decided that since he is big and strong now, he would play with a TREE BRANCH.


The deployment paper chain gets shorter and shorter…I feel like I’m climbing the walls!  It is so close yet so far away…I am just restless and a mess right now!  I know I need to focus on the small landmarks along the way…the half marathon, graduation, my new job, etc…but it’s hard to not just fixated on that homecoming day!!!!


Just for fun, a crazy chloe picture…


I decided to plant some flowers when I got out early from my internship…a new rose bush, azaleas, and some lavender!!


I’m hoping since they are hardy plants, I can keep them alive…I’m not the best at the whole gardening thing haha.


My big project has been redoing our stairway…phase one complete…check back for phase two!


It was in the 70s this week!!!!!!  Tanning on a blanket was a must!


And of course the epic Jack joined me…in all his epicness…


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