Days 240-243…slacking off! (but not really)

I’ve been slacking off on the technology front!  But only because everything else has been such a whirlwind…finding out I got my new job and will start in May, figuring out how I’m going to fit in my last summer class, taking over for my boss when she left on maternity leave, juggling classes and portfolio work and finishing up my internship hours (only three left!!!), keeping in touch with hubby and realizing how soon he’ll be home, and lots of house projects!!!  And of course tons of quality time with my kids, aka the doggies  

Let’s start out with a gratuitous shot of the pretty new shirt my aunt bought me on my way out the door with tons of caffeine for internship…20130410-144921.jpg

I got a super creepy letter in the mail…


Really “Greg”?! WTF?!?  I looked this creeper up and apparently he is a RI contractor or something so maybe he just tries to do real estate in a super unprofessional way?  Either way, a handwritten note seems pretty creepy Lifetime movie stalker of the week to me, so I was a litle freaked out for a while…

The dogs did plenty of weird silly things over the last few weeks…


We are all SO glad it is finally nice out!!!  Tanning in the yard was a must!


I got a new pair of Nike Airs…my favorite!  Well, a new old pair…these were an ebay find:)  And no, I’m not gross, I wash all the shoes I buy on there so it’s technically just me being a cheap broke grad student…


Stairs are DONE!  These stairs have been an eye sore since we moved in…first with the puke green carpet, then with the mismatched scuffed paint and old carpet nails.  I finally had the time and patience to paint them to a beautiful welcoming entryway:)


Looks like real wood!  Dont tell anyone I was super lazy and just picked a nice dark brown paint to look like wood. 


Chloe got a bath…


Puppies napped multiple times…


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