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Days 272-288…a whirlwind of exciting things!:)


I have been so out of the loop recently because life has been one big crazy wonderful whirlwind! Ending my grad school and assistantship and internship phases of life, getting rid of some toxic people in my life, a mini vacation, and starting a new job!

So let’s recap through pictures!

Lots of fun hiking adventures with the pups…as always!  On this day, a random dog offleash ran up to us and Chloe monster head butted him with her muzzle on…she was pretty mad someone tried to interrupt her walk!


On my last day at my assistantship, one of the supervisors gave me the prettiest rose bush!:)  I felt the love!


I was so lucky to have so many friends come and visit me throughout my vacation!  A full house!


Which included a fun girls’ beach weekend trip!:)  Just what I needed to destress after 2 years of grad school!


…and yoga on the beach is always needed…


Unfortunately, I had to kick out my roommate this month.  I tried to give her a chance to get her life together despite some tricky circumstances… let her live with me rent free for the year, was nice to her, tried to really help her out….then found out she was spreading lies about me, compulsively lying about many things, possibly wanted to break up my marriage and other nasty things.  I am generally very understanding, but REALLY?  That’s a little too much for me.  So I made the decision to cut her out of my life completely.  No hard feelings (or at least I’m trying to be all zen and harbor no bad feelings!), but bye-bye!




I’ve been thinking about getting a few tattoos since I’ve always wanted one and never gotten around to it…. I really want the sanskrit script for the yoga sutra 1.33… maybe on my shoulder? And I want to get “HOPE” possibly with a bird outline on my rib.  Also I’ve always loved the shakespeare quote “love all, trust few, do wrong to none”…maybe another rib idea?  I am really bad at making final decisions!


With all the guests this week, the pups had a FIELD DAY!


So many hiking adventures on my week off!


And I got two more rooms painted!  Brought a fresh clean new energy to the room I had been “renting out”…made it a happy and inviting place!


The pups helped by howling the whole time I was on vacation…


I took an old ugly pink lamp from the 60s and spray painted it more modern looking!


Am I on vacation or are THEY on vacation?


I also painted my husband’s future “man cave” room!  So much brighter and serene!  Just ONE MORE ROOM to paint before I can officially say I repainted the ENTIRE HOUSE while my husband was deployed!!!!  Feeling accomplished!


Been trying to keep up with my workouts and am feeling really strong and awesome!  I officially threw out the scale last month and have been focusing primarily on being and feeling healthy and strong!  Best decision ever!!!


I LOVE spring time and flowers!


More awesome hikes are always a plus!


And a nice day full of painting!


Literally I love being a crazy hippie who sits in the grass and paints!  I could do it all day!


I also took advantage of the nice days to go for a few nice runs!  This part of the bike path was nice, but I did accidentally find some not so savory parts of town on my run this day…I turned it into a speed workout!


So much fun laying out in the sun with my babies!


We found the most beautiful hiking spot on an old farm when my friend and I went for a hike.  I cant even begin to describe how incredible this field of flowers smelled!  It was like heaven!


I am obsessed with my crazy new yoga pants!  How were these on sale at TJ Maxx?  Did no one else see how awesome they were?


Yes, that is just THREE paper chains left until it is JUNE!  I am in disbelief!  Still no exact dates for hubby to come home, but it’s almost the MONTH that he will be here!


Me hiding in the corner with my secret drinking problem, since apparently there was a roommate rumor that I was an alcoholic…because yes, an alcoholic can totally carry a job and a 3.95 GPA in grad school…dear lord…


Three of our close friends came to help me complete my happy birthday/homecoming surprise for hubby!  A brand new floor and bedset!  It’s a whole new bedroom!  Goodbye to asbestos blue floor tiles and tropical sheets from college dorm days!


I started my NEW JOB as a mental health home based clinician on Monday!!!!  What a super hectic week as I got thrown right into everything!  With my mental health background I am happy to feel slightly at ease with a lot of the situations and paperwork, etc….but this is now a MASTERS level job and I’m definitely feeling exhausted after the first week!  Even though it’s Friday, I still have a 430 intake appointment coming up before it’s officially the weekend!  And thank goodness its a three day weekend for Memorial day!


I think my iphone wants to kill me….this is totally NOT what I asked Siri to remind me of, but somehow she came up with it herself…scary…


After work, I’ve been trying to hike the dogs since they arent used to being alone all day…look at that smile!  I think she appreciated it!


And just another reason I love my silly husband…he decided he wants to learn to play DRUMS when he comes home…so I come home from work to find a DRUM SET DELIVERED TO OUR HOUSE!  Hahaha…I dont even have words, but I’m excited for him to become world famous.




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Update…blue dress!

The blue homecoming dress option…



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Days 263-271…one more month!!!!!!


In less than ONE MONTH it will be JUNE and that is when my husband is coming home!!!!  It’s such a weird feeling, so close yet still far away…especially because we of course don’t have an exact date yet.  It’s so many weird feelings all at once.  I am finishing up grad school and ending my job of two years this Friday, then a week vacation, then my NEW JOB starts May 20th!!!  Of course all of these things are HUGE but it seems all I can think about is homecoming.  Being married to the military is the darndest thing.  We are also in that weird communication phase where we really have nothing to talk about.  He is so done with being there, I am so over him being over there, and I get stuck in the trap of complaining about things breaking around the house, etc.  I feel bad that our Sunday night phone call was so blahhh.  Oh well, staying positive, focusing on the small goals.  So much change and so many crazy things going on in the next month!  I’m excited/stressed/anxious/freakingout/strangelycalm at the same time!

Well, onto a recap of my last week or so… of course lots of relaxing hiking with the pups…but not as much as I would have liked, because it was actually too hot to hike some of the days!  20130508-161957.jpg

And I’m trying to decide on a homecoming dress!!!!


Blah…I’m too lazy to re-upload the pretty blue one that should have shown up HERE…but if you squint really hard it’s the one in between these two dresses in the pictures haha…it’s a shame toobecause the blue one is the one I’m really leaning towards!  Maybe I’ll have time next week to get a picture of me in each one to help decide…




I absolutely am obsessed with my dogs, and I am okay with that.


The grape vine is BLOOMING!  So cool.  I love spring time!


Our tractor broke, so I bought a nice eco-friendly lawn mower!  Took me three days to get the lawn done with a push mower, but I dont care what hubby says, I prefer a nice quiet electic lawn mower to a crazy gas guzzling power tool any day!





Little monster had tons of fun tanning with me all week!  She is TOTALLY addicted to the sun like her mama!



Tug of war with an old piece of fabric is more fun than all of their expensive toys…


“I steal your blanket!”


We found a great place to hike and of course had a photoshoot!

Country girls hike perfectly fine in flip flops!



Trying out some fun yoga on the rocks!


I DIDNT kill the plant like I thought I did!  It’s BLOOMING!  It’s ALIVE!  I’m sooooo happy!


And of course since they both had baths yesterday, they had to roll around in the dirt all morning…but they are cute so it’s ok…



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