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Days 155-158…back and better than ever!:)


Finally feeling better!!  I beat the dreaded flu with all natural remedies…lots of sleep and herbs and vitamins.  4 days later, and I’m back and better than I was before!  Added bonus is I had an excuse to eat lots of yummy feel good food, like my beloved pumpkin chocolate mash!20130117-130924.jpg

We had the most wonderful beautiful two warm days!  Almost 60 in RI in January!  I celebrated by painting outside at my favorite spot!


And the puppies loved having grass back for a few days!


Lounging in the sun makes us all SO happy!


If the weather stayed like this all year, I’d be perfectly happy!


I celebrated our second gorgeous day by going for a nice 3 mile run…it turned out a lot better than the run I attempted on Sunday before I was completely healed and had to stop four times.   This was a wonderful run just like the good old days!  Love getting my mileage back up…I hope we have a few nice days this winter like this so I can keep up with my running.  I love the Arc Trainer, but logging real miles is just so different.  I’m also signed up for at least one more half marathon this year! I need to get my mileage back to where it was.  I am seriously debating trying for a full marathon, but I dont know if my body is ready for that yet.  I am still getting my vitamin levels back to where they need to be and with my history of stress fractures, I don’t want to push myself too much.  Maybe just a few halfs to get my endurance where I like it, then try for a marathon next year…it would be fitting to run 26 miles at age 26, no? 


I just had to share one of my new favorite quotes…I need to make this into a painting for our house soon…


Also had to share this…I laughed out loud when I saw it…confusing those around me who don’t always appreciate good yoga humor.  It’s doubly amusing because hubby calls me T-Rex as a nickname…and I teach yoga…oooohhh the irony.


Two new art projects I’m working on…to go with the lavender theme in our room…the shutters are going to act as a picture frame of sorts and the flower picture may get a quote added to it…still a work in progress..


In other exciting news…my skin has finally cleared up!  No more painful ugly eczema!  What was the culprit?  Eggplant!  Seriously?  Yes…the same girl who is allergic to such gems as dairy, wheat, peanuts, kiwi, and honeydew melon, is also allergic to eggplant….oh joy.  But at least I figured it out and can wear my wedding rings again and actually use my hands:)


I am getting back into my awesome beast workout modes again…loving it!  Running, arc trainer, and some heavy duty lifting! 

I’m working on getting back to my personal bests for lifting and this week my stats are improving…still not where I was on some, but I’m proud none the less considering how weak I had gotten:

Leg press 150lbs, 20 reps

Deadlift and Squat 95lb, 12 reps

Unassisted bench press 65 lb, 12 reps

Clean and overhead press, 50 lb, 20 reps

Pulldown, 55 lbs

Biceps and Triceps, 15 lbs, 12 reps


Huge snow storm two days ago…as hard as I tried to stay positive, I couldn’t help but spend the morning looking up homes in SC and GA on Trulia…I found this amazing old farmstead by Charleston and almost booked my ticket and put in an offer sight unseen, but then hubby reminded me we have to wait til he gets home and his contract is up…so 5-6 more years of cold winters I guess….but at least I can dream and plan for our nice warm farm someday!



What have I been putting off?  Oh nothing, just my grad school graduation app….not that I’m not super excited to be done in the spring…I just think it’s so DUMB to have to pay $200 regardless of whether or not you are walking!  Sooo frustrating…don’t we pay enough to just go here?  Why does a piece of paper cost $200?


On a happy note…I LOVE new workout clothes…just taught ballet and am feeling fabulous:)




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Day 115 – a busy day!

Woke up not feeling well, so I decided to do yoga at home to try and relax…ended up doing an hour of actually some pretty intense practice…it was like my body needed to cleanse and refresh through a vigorous practice even though I felt crappy.  By the end of it I was feeling much better…it’s amazing what yoga can do!

After yoga, I needed a break, as did the crazy dog…20121205-173652.jpg

I got to talk to hubby for a bit and we discussed Christmas presents and how I’m planning on redoing the whole bedroom and spare room as a joint Xmas present for both of us…I hope to have the whole house done by the time he gets back!  It’s keeping me busy and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it! 

I had worked out and finished lunch all before 11!  Weird!  So I had time to take the pups for a long walk…we went to a nature preserve 25 minutes from our house…it’s so fun there!  Reminds me of the James Taylor song ‘Country Road’…so then of course I had to listen to James Taylor the rest of the day:)


Adventure time!


What a pretty view!  I love being alone in the woods.  Someday I really want a farm with lots of land so I can just walk for miles and miles alone, knowing I’m the only one out there…ahhhh, such a nice thought!

Been having a pretty productive day at work…got some homework done…there is SO much and it’s kind of overwhelming…

Leaving in 15 minutes to go teach ballet!  I’m tired, but I really need another workout today so I’m pretty pumped!  Might even learn a new combination tonight with the students…we’ll see how it goes!


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Day 114…back to p90x shape!

Definitely started the day off on the right foot…getting back into P90X!  I really miss being my old jacked self, and even though I love dance and yoga, I really need to get back into lifting.  My old routine isn’t cutting it so I am going back to the p90x approach!  When I used to do these dvds, it kicked my butt, and I LOVE Tony Horton’s approach to fitness…what people don’t realize is most of the workouts are very basic lifts and fitness routines…he just adds on neat twists and modifications to get your muscles really guessing.  I also love that he combines basically every aspect of fitness into his workouts…strength, cardio, endurace, flexibility, speed…it’s all there.  Of course, I’m going to focus mostly on the strength dvds this time around, because I get a lot of my workouts in with dance and yoga during the week already (although I am super excited to add in at least one of the plyo and kenpo workouts a week too…they are fun!)  20121205-124705.jpg

I have to just gush a little more about how awesome the paint job in the living room turned out!  I am SO happy it’s finally done, and every time I walk into the room it’s a huge feeling of comfort and happiness…I LOVE the color:)


Since I woke up early and worked out, it was only proper to then cuddle with the cute puppies the rest of the day!


It’s amazing how small this little monster can make herself when she wants to look cute!

And the handsome boy just likes to look out the window all night…squirrels?  Racoons?


Cuddle party on the couch!


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Day 108 – a yoga and ballet quadruple header:)

My morning started out wonderfully…teaching my teacher/staff yoga at 7am, then girls’ relaxation group yoga at 8am at my internship…what an amazing way to start the day!

After interning, I ran to the grocery store, and errand I’ve been neglecting for a while…once the cold weather hits I get super lazy about errands!  While there I got a text that our studio’s yoga teacher was sick and they needed a sub for the class before mine tonight at 630.  My supervisor okay’d me leaving early, so I decided that teaching THREE yoga classes and one ballet class in one day was a fabulous idea and said yes!

The rest of the day became an excuse to indulge in some cravings since, you know, I totally NEED those calories for the back to back classes tonight 😉


The sunbutter didn’t even have a chance…

Neither did the giant lunch, huge dessert, or half a tub of Trader Joe’s dried figs…yummm! 

By the way, can you tell how frazzled I’ve been the last few weeks?  I have never been super organized, but I have when I start to look super messy…and right now THIS is my desk at work…uhoh…20121128-164419.jpg

I am spending my next 30 minutes cleaning, then heading off to teach Power and Tone Yoga at 630, and Ballet Body at 745…so excited! 

Honestly, I just need to find a way to teach yoga all day every day for the rest of my life and I’ll be completely content:)

Namaste, everyone!

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Day 97 – dance dance dance!

Starting off this post with some highlights of my day…but first let’s all appreciate how amazingly stylish I look in my safety hat on our hike this morning!

Gotta love the bright orange hunting cap along with my neon pink sweats!  I can’t stand how dangerous the woods are with hunters this time of year, so better safe than sorry when hiking the puppies!


We got to go to our favorite place this morning and by 9 am it had warmed up a bit so we had a really nice little hike at the sand dunes! So fun and relaxing! 


After our hike a friend came over for coffee…her boyfriend is deployed with my husband so we’ve formed our own ‘Army Wives’ coalition and meet up to chat and be supportive.  We aren’t really the typical FRG types, so we kind of do our own thing and avoid the drama.  It’s funny because our boys always assume we talk about them the whole time…but we just chat about ourselves!  We don’t see the point in sitting around feeling miserable that they’re deployed, and we have so much going on in our own lives…it’s not that we don’t miss them, but we’ve realized that you have to keep a life of your own or else you’ll go crazy in a military relationship.  It was a good time. 

After that little monster decided to mess up my throw pillows once more for her personal throne…


Now onto the fun stuff…dance!  What a wonderful few days full of dancing and teaching ballet!  I haven’t had a full week of classes for a while…I am scheduled to teach ballet 3 days a week but something usually comes up to cancel one or two classes…not this week!  Needless to say, my legs are wiped out!  Everything hurts, but in that good way that you remember your legs hurting after 3 hour dance classes in high school and college.  Ah, I miss those days of being in the studio.  I hope to get back to studio dancing next year after grad school!  But for now, teaching is the next best thing and I love it!

Tired legs and worn out shoes…


Speaking of dance, I’ve been in a total youtube dance video kick the last few days…I was amazed by a few dancers, but mostly this young girl…the artistry and emotion in her dancing as well as technical ability keeps sending me back to her video over and over again.  I can’t dance like this now, let alone at however young she is…just wanted to share…



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November ballet playlist

For all you who like to keep track of my new music each month…I present the November Ballet Playlist!


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