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Days 189-194…the new diet and a roomie reunion:)

This week was the start of my new/old diet.  Basically I am going back to the diet that always worked best for me in the past.  Everyone always yelled at me for not eating enough, and even as a personal trainer, I know that for my height and weight I technically should be able to eat closer to 1600-1700 calories and still lose weight based on my activity level.  However, for whatever reason, my metabolism was not agreeing with eating more and I gained 15lbs since last summer, despite increasing the intensity and length of my workouts.  So, I’ve gone back to aiming for 1200 calories a day (1400 on longer run days or lifting days), at least for the next two months…I am hoping to be back to my happy racing weight…about 10-13lbs less than now…by the time the Rye 1/2 Marathon comes around at the end of April. I’ve been doing good so far and I actually feel great!  It’s awesome to not have the uncomfortable full feeling I was getting at 1500 and 1600 calorie days…and it’s also a good reminder to only eat when I’m hungry and not eat off of emotions.



Another fun part of last week was a new painting…I love winter sunsets and I found this amazing quote about letting go of the past and had to combine them…I wish the trees would have come out a little better, but I’m happy with it overall…

“There is something incredibly honest about trees in winter…how they are experts at letting things go…”


One of my go-to meals this week has been Hillary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burgers from Whole foods…on a bed of spinach with guacamole or hummus….SO good! 20130220-072646.jpg20130220-072652.jpg

Of course another highlight of my week were these two sweet faces…Mr Jack is showing off his cute bandana from the groomers…Chloe is jealous and wants one too…


Destroying a new toy…


My two old roomies visited this weekend, which was so fun!  One of them found this old gem on her phone….me and hubby in some kind of life or death battle over who knows what…


Having a cooking party in the kitchen!  Oh how I’ve missed these two gals!


With yet another snow storm, we spent a lot of time cuddled on the couch…


Surprisingly, the diet went well all week…spacing my meals out and adding in some variety is making me feel so great!


I attempted to redo our bedroom floor…after about 2 hours of removing staples and cleaning and moving furniture, I laid out the underlayment, only to find that whatever structural issues are causing problems in our living room are also causing our floor to sag in the middle…and you can’t lay an uneven floor…


…so I gave up and cried on the floor with Jack, who didn’t seem phased.


Such a delicious breakfast yesterday…berries, applesauce, almond butter, and flaxseed with some nice rooibos tea!  I definitely could not have filled up the bowl any more!

Gave me enough fuel for another 4 mile indoor track run!  Cannot wait for nice weather and melted snow to get back into running outside!  Someday I NEED to live somewhere where running outside ALL year is completely doable!


We are officially under the 4 month countdown until hubby gets home.  Every day I look at the pictures from our last homecoming and our wedding on my desk at work and it all seems so surreal.  I just can’t wait to run up to him and give him the biggest hug and kiss, knowing that if everything goes right, he won’t ever have to leave again.  We’re almost in double digits for the countdown…so close yet so far!



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Days 173-175…wonderful weekend…puppies, yoga, art, running, and food!


It’s finally FEBRUARY!  And my homecoming calendar says it’s about 4 1/2 months til hubby comes home!:)  E’s birthday is this week and I feel so bad I don’t get to spend it with him…his last deployment he had leave for his birthday week.  Although, I would much rather have this shorter deployment and no leave time…9 months is a lot better than 11-12!


We had a HUGE windstorm this week that knocked down a lot of branches.  The doggies thought that toys had miraculously fallen from the heavens and had a super fun weekend with all the debris.


Since it was a heck of a lot colder this weekend than it had been all week, and since I was exhausted from getting back into the swing of teaching yoga/dance almost every day, we had a LOT of snuggle time this weekend…



Can you find me in the last picture?  I’m hidden under two big pit bulls…snuggle monsters attack!

Saturday was another fun filled class at the studio and a fun picture afterwards since I wanted to show E I wear the bracelet he got me when I teach…lapis is such a calming stone, it is a great way to have a relaxing class. I have also become obsessed with tiger’s eye this week…I’ve been wearing my old bracelet made with tigers eye and it really does seem to bring a sense of clarity and peace. I can’t explain it, but I’m totally becoming obsessed with precious stones!


We also installed a new door lock since our old one was literally getting blown open by the WIND…not super safe.  I told hubby now he can tell everyone that he left for a deployment and his wife changed the locks on him…


Chloe dragging an entire tree branch across the yard…she must be able to pull 3 times her own weight…


I had the genius idea this weekend to rip up the ugly linoleum in our bedroom…but underneath the tile and on top of the wood is a gross felt-like layer that is NOT coming off.  So sad…whoever did the flooring in this house was an ass.  They covered up all the hardwood with horrible adhesive and linoleum…no sheet in between to save the wood floors.  So frustrating.


Yesterday I went to teach my normal Sunday class…and I waited and waited….taking random pictures of the studio…


And random pictures of my mat…and my feet…


But no one came!  Then I remembered a) it was about 20 degrees and most of my clients walk to class, and b) it was apparently Superbowl sunday…..

So I drove over to the gym and jumped on the treadmill for an easy 4 miles!


It was a great run!  I averaged a 10min/mile pace, but I did intervals.  Started out at about 10:50, then 10:30, then 9:40, then 9, and for the last half mile 8:30!  I am new to the whole speed work thing, but progressively going faster as I go longer seems to work for me…not sure if there is a real name for it (thought I should since I’m a personal trainer and have now been running for 7 years…oooops).  I felt amazing afterwards though!


More cute puppy time after the gym…I couldn’t help it, I was a crazy obsessive doggy mom this weekend!:)


I also got a chance to do some fun yoga art….I love doing pieces of art around favorite quotes.


I added it to my fireplace collection…although I dont know how happy E will be to come home and find his sports memorabilia moved and my paintings in their place!


For a small extra bday gift for E, I saw this quote on pinterest and thought it would make a cute painting…I’m going to attach ribbon to it and hang it up in our room!


Last night’s dinner was one of my easy favorites…wild brown rice with broccoli and carrots, mixed with Trader Joe’s refried beans, and salsa.  Quick, easy, and perfect winter comfort food!

I have been eating more and more calories lately….in an attempt to be healthier and get my metabolism back to wear it needs to be after years of restricting and dieting.  It’s a hard process, but I’ve found, as I have at other times in my life, that running is the best thing to do when you want to regulate your diet.  For me, running helps put me in touch with my hunger…I know after I run that I need to fuel my body and that my cravings are because I actually worked hard and need the food.  Getting back into heavy weight training and running have made me look and feel so much better…and overcoming the vitamin deficiencies I had been struggling with has been amazing.  However, it never gets easy seeing the numbers on the scale go up….which is why I’ve been making an effort to only check my weight once every week or so.  Today I realized I have officially gained 15 lbs since last summer…but I know that I look so much better than I did then.  I’m not saying I don’t have room for improvement (2 desserts some day isn’t the healthiest option!)…but I am a strong believer that you can be healthier and happier at a heavier weight.  I just need to keep reminding myself that having energy, running distance, lifting heavy, and looking and feeling great have nothing to do with numbers on a scale and everything to do with being a balanced, healthy, strong person.  I may still struggle sometimes, but I’m getting there!


And as the perfect ending to this post…remember, sometimes you just need to hide your face, bury yourself in the corner of the couch, and hide away from the world for a day…oh, little brown dog, you are ridiculous…


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Days 144-151…yogafit trainings, back to work, and a cold…

What a crazy week!  I had two yogafit trainings in one weekend, went back to work a week early from break, and then got a cold yesterday.  Every time I wanted to update my adventures, I was either busy or exhausted or sick!  So here we are at day 151…you know what that means????? HALFWAY THERE!!!!!  We are at the halfway point of the 300 days and that feels fantastic!:)

So let’s recap the last week…lots of puppy snuggles…


A full day of learning about Prenatal yoga…such a really amazing and inspiring training.  It is so interesting to learn about all the intricacies of the whole pregnancy and birth process…and we had two moms to be in the class along with moms with experience, so it was a great group to be around!


I also got back into my cardio routines over the weekend…since I can’t run, I am going to be hitting up the arc trainer for the winter…I did an hour after Friday’s training and it was great!


We read Pathways to Joy for the level 3 training and I really loved this book…what a great summary of the philosophy of love and peace behind yoga.


Of course a training is not complete without some fun gratuitous yoga pose pictures!


The sunrise was so gorgeous over the Harrisburg bridge on my way to day three!


Yoga yoga yoga yoga…..


Caffeine and yoga…


Such a great weekend!


We learned all about the chakras, which was pretty neat too!


When I got home, I was right back into the swing of things with the puppies…such as their hour-long makeout sessions on the couch…


My nutritious sick-day lunch…

Spaghetti squash with salsa and vegetarian refried beans…Deeeelicious!


My of the only good parts of winter are the gorgeous sunsets…the contrast of the dark tree branches with the colorful sky…I love it!


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Days 137-138-139…I’m getting there…


Winter is always a little struggle for me…the cold, the rain, the snow, the dark.  So I had a bit of a rough week this week…add in the stress of the holidays, not feeling good for a few days, and my anxiety was a little over the top.  But I made it through, and today I’m doing really good.   The last few days had some highlights though!


First, was waking up super early and seeing the full moon as it set..really neat!


I made my famous cookies the other day…SO good and so healthy!

Just 2 cups oats, one banana, one cup coconut yogurt, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup dried cranberries, 1/2 cup coconut flakes, cinnamon, and 2 tbsp almond or sunflower seed butter…350 for 20 minutes…I am obsessed!


Yesterday, we actually had a dog trainer come to the house!  Chloe has been acting really anxious and aggressive again when seeing dogs or people walk down the street, and now our neighbors have a new dog that she has been freaking out about through the fence…  Even though I work hard on her training, I feel like I dont make much progress with those behaviors.  I hate bringing in an outsider, because I do so much research myself and have the experience that should work, but it was worth it just to get some advice and have her tell me I actually am doing a good job.  It is great to know that I have been working hard and that it is paying off…just have to really keep working on everything!  She was EXHAUSTED after her training session though!


Got a great surprise in the mail yesterday…a star sapphire ring from the husband!  How sweet!  I really love it and its so nice that he thinks of me for random gifts like that all the time.  I’m so lucky.


Today I woke up and saw frost…uhoh…


I finally perfected the perfect yoga hairstyle…no more frizz and hair falling all over the place during class!  Two braids, then tying those braids in a knot and clipping in place is my new favorite style!


Came to a realization, while waiting for class to start…I subconsciously picked our yoga studio colors as the paint colors for the rooms I’ve painted in our house!  Talk about the unconscious mind picking things up and not even realizing it!


We finally ran out of luck and caught a big snow storm tonight…almost a foot so far…the dogs were happy for about a minute, then decided to come in and pass out asleep for the rest of the night!



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Day 109-more workouts and lots of food

The day started off at my internship…another early morning, but I’m steadily getting lots of hours accomplished…I cannot WAIT to graduate in the spring!

Later on, poor Jack’s skin was really itchy, so while he got his 2 hour spa treatment at the groomers, Chloe monster got her own big beach adventure!  She wanted to go swimming, but I had to remind her it was 30 degrees and not a good idea…


So she was content to just walk with her feet in the water…




The view from the paths is just beautiful!  I need to go to this park more often…especially in the winter since it’s not nearly as crowded as usual!


Jack loves to pose for pictures once he’s all clean!  And he got a sweet camo bandana too!  Chloe refused to be left out of the spotlight and insisted on posing as well!  What a diva!


I was still super sore from subbing power yoga then teaching ballet back to back last night (in addition to my morning class), but 4 of our teachers are going through medical issues/family issues so when I was texted to sub Pilates today I couldn’t say no…meaning another back to back Pilates and Ballet class…my body was hating me in anticipation, especially because I wasn’t feeling to well today. 

Pilates went well…although I was exhausted so I feel like I wasn’t at my best.  Luckily for some reason the two participants flaked for Ballet, and the remaining girl works here and understood my pain…she was content to hang out and chat until we decided to just stick around for the next class…yoga.  Wow, did I need that class!  What a great workout and stretch! 

I was pretty hungry all day, and just finished off my snacks now, around 10pm…I never do that but tonight I work til midnight and need to stay fueled and awake!


I also wanted to share my food/exercise journal today…I have been consistently eating more and more calories…which is scary for someone who always obsessively counted every last one!  There are still days I eat around 1200…when I don’t workout for example, but on days I work out, I am trying to eat at least 1500.  Huge steps for me!  I was really proud of myself today!





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Day 100-running, Pilates, and cookies!:)

Today was great… Woke up and went for a wonderful brisk 3 mile run! Got to talk to hubby on Fbook chat for a while…I’m always amazed at how supportive and sweet he is, especially when I’m dealing with something difficult I want to talk about. I felt ten times better after chatting with him.

I subbed for Pilates today and it was a great class! Everyone enjoyed it and I definitely got a workout!

After class and work I came home to some wonderful veggie sushi my roomie bought me:). Then I made delicious vegan oatmeal coconut chocolate chip banana cookies!!!

So simple yet so good… Just oats, banana, pumpkin, flaked coconut, rice flour, chocolate chips, almond milk, and some honey!

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Day 90-care packages, yoga, sunny day:)


What a pretty morning!  It was so great to wake up to NO snow,  and some bright sunshine to take its place!

I sat outside with the puppies and they were totally soaking up the sun!


So adorable how they choose to sit together!  I LOVE these little babies so much.


I spent the morning cleaning up the house, took the pups for a short hike, but my eczema was really bothering me so we couldn’t go too far…my poor hands hurt holding the leashes!

I was so happy to get to talk to hubby today online for a bit and figured I’d send him his Thanksgiving care package, even though I really don’t have much to send…he got a WONDERFULLY designed hand crafted Thanksgiving drawing, as well as a fun note documenting all the wonders of the care package…

A sleep mask, a book, sunflower seeds, coffee, and ‘mother fucking snack packs- pudding in a cup!’  Haha…I dont know what possessed me to get so excited about sending pudding, except that I love how excited he gets when he sees them on sale at the store, so I thought it would be fun to make a big deal about sending them!  I hope he likes it!


After running some errands and trying to get things ready for my YogaFit training this weekend, I did a nice relaxing candlelight yoga session.  I am feeling SO amazing with my yoga every day challenge!  I loved the feeling of doing yoga at sunset with just candle light…it changed the whole mood and focus of the practice.  I felt awesome after.  30 minutes of yoga since I’m sore from yesterday and gearing up for this weekend’s classes!  I am super excited, and just a little nervous since I will be staying at a hotel alone and since it’s hard to find good food I can eat while traveling.

(Real life food allergy confession…I bought organic baby food to eat this weekend in case I can’t find any places that serve things I can eat during the training…yes, that’s where I’m at in life…)


Check out my other blog entry today where I documented a day in my life of food and meals!  I think it’s pretty nifty:)


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