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300+ days….and overjoyed!:)

Sorry it has been ridiculously long since my last post…life got so busy and hectic between my new job and my husband finally coming home that I barely have had time to think!

The biggest update of course is…



I am so ecstatically happy to have him home and safe! And so are the puppies…



Other than that’s it’s been work, life, workouts, and yoga all nonstop!






It’s a good life:)




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Day 93 summer in November:)

I am currently blogging instead of doing much needed school work…uhoh!  The semester is winding down and I feel like I don’t even know where I stand.  Between internship, practicum, and an independent study I keep very busy, but I don’t know if I am where I need to be on work.  There are no set due dates for most of my work, so I feel like I should be doing more so it doesn’t all creep up on me in December.  My goal for when I get home is to do at least one or two new assignments!

Today was an absolutely perfectly wonderful day!  70 degrees in November!  And the week after a snow storm!  I was in HEAVEN! 

In case you can’t tell from my ups and downs the last few weeks…I am not a winter-person.  The summer is where I belong.  Someday I am going to live in a place where it never gets below 50 degrees.  Fact.  It’s going to happen.  I get so much more done when the weather is nice…and I’m so much happier and upbeat!

To start off the morning, the puppies and I went for a wonderful hike at our favorite sand dunes!


Then I decided I was going to throw on some running clothes and head to Newport and the beach for a nice run on Cliff Walk…my FAVORITE place to run!  As much as I love our house and our new town, I do miss coastal living and the active lifestyle of Newport with so many avid runners and cyclists, as well as recreation friendly sidewalks and trails everywhere!

Of course to celebrate the nice weather, I had to play on the tire swing Eric built me this summer…I think it’s fabulous!



Started off on the cliffwalk…gorgeous day!20121112-173535.jpg


I conveniently ignored the fence and signs that cliff walk was closed for 2 miles…along with this sign… I figured there may be some debris from the storm but that the city was just being overly cautious.  And darn it, I drove 40 minutes to hike this trail, I’m not turning back!20121112-173540.jpg


Turns out the signs were there for a reason…half of the ocean cliff fences had been washed away in the storm!  It was pretty dangerous!  My poor hands and wrists after a fall involving a fence that grabbed my shoe…20121112-173551.jpg

It was such a gorgeous day I ignored the precarious debris, and continued my run.


I had to scale a few ocean walls to get past the cliffs, but all in all, I made it through safely!




Perfect day!


I call this ‘broken ankle path’:


Looking happy around mile 3 (I did 4 miles overall, but an extra mile of cooldown walking…slowly getting my mileage back)!


Needless to say I took the main roads back to Salve’s campus…it never ceases to amaze me…the architecture and old growth European trees in Newport are so neat!



 It was a gorgeous day and all that sunshine and fresh air definitely took away any winter blues I had been feeling.  Definitely relating well to one of my favorite songs today…

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Day 65-sunrise walk at the beach with the puppies!


I was so exhausted last night I cancelled my yoga class for this morning so I could sleep in…but after 10 hours of sleep I felt pretty awake and it was sooo nice outside!

I was having kind of a down and out night last night, feelin kind of sick and sad and really missing hubby, but a nice morning walk on the beach, seeing how happy the puppies were, was just what I needed!


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Day 14 – Some GREAT News, A Long Day of Work and a Nice Workout…

Well right now I’m relaxing after a long day at work…in my house the notion of relaxing includes a monster attacking your feet while you sit on the couch watching TV…

Photo: There's a monster attacking my feet

I had a long day between my internship and work, but I got a lot done so it went by pretty fast.  I also got a GREAT hour long workout in on the Arc Trainer, so that was amazing…I really have been needing to get back into my workouts as I’ve been feeling crappy not working out nearly as much as I usually do.  I also got to talk to one of my lovely coworkers who was running next to me, so that was great!

Now for the big news…in about a month, I will be here…

From: New Orleans, LA To: Gulfport, MS


To VISIT MY HUSBAND:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Originally they had taken away their pass as they gave them the week before they left off, so it was bittersweet hearing that he now had this extra weekend off.  I had already taken up all my nonexistant vacation time to spend that week with him, and we had already said all of our official “Goodbye, see you next summer” see-you-laters when he left, so it was hard to think that A) I may not be able to make it down south for this new break, and B) that we’d have to say goodbye all over again…

But after us saying that we weren’t going to do it cuz it was too much money, I couldn’t sleep, and I cried all morning, so I decided I HAD to go, screw how much money it is, I want to see my husband again and hold his hand again before he has to leave for so long.  I just knew I would be beating myself up all year if I didn’t go.  So, the tickets are booked and the day after my birthday, I’m flying down to New Orleans to meet up with the hubby (ALWAYS wanted to go there!!!!!) and we are spending two days and nights together in Mississippi, hopefully enjoying the beach and just being able to see each other. 

I cannot WAIT:)



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