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300+ days….and overjoyed!:)

Sorry it has been ridiculously long since my last post…life got so busy and hectic between my new job and my husband finally coming home that I barely have had time to think!

The biggest update of course is…



I am so ecstatically happy to have him home and safe! And so are the puppies…



Other than that’s it’s been work, life, workouts, and yoga all nonstop!






It’s a good life:)




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Days 252-262…milestones!

So much has been going on!  Some HUGE milestones that I have been waiting for, as they are huge indicators that June is on it’s way and my hubby will soon be home where he belongs!  End of internship, finals for grad school, my half marathon, among other things…so busy yet a really happy kind of busy!

First I need to share this awesome mini path we found to a local beach.  My friend Tim came to visit and we decided to go to a seafood place a town over that my husband loves.  Now when hubby is home, he is way too excited for food to bother going for a walk around the town, so we have never found this awesome path before!  Excited to show him when he gets back!20130429-164632.jpg

My internship has drawn to a close!  300 hours in one year DONE!  I know 300 doesn’t sound like a lot, but when they are 300 unpaid hours that you are fitting in along with 2 parttime jobs and a fulltime grad class schedule, plus a deployed husband, it’s definitely a big chunk of time! 

My last day outfit…


The gifts I made for my supervisors…


The nice flowers my supervisor gave me:)


The weather has been fabulous and the puppies have enjoyed MANY hikes lately…gotta love the springtime!


In honor of earth day, I busted out one of my favorite qyotes from one of my favorite books…I would love to get this as a tattoo someday…


Or this…. can’t decide…maybe I’ll get both…


Been keeping up with eating healthy, mainly because I eat the same thing every single day…an example of my tuna burger and broccoli lunches…


I’ve started adding dinner into my routine…trying to get an extra serving of protein and veggies into my diet, especially on days I work out extra hard…


I saw this shirt on tumblr and I WANT IT!



Another hiking picture…just because it’s been a huge part of my week…


I think this is one of the greatest pictures ever….as soon as a lay out my blanket to tan, the little monster wants to join me…just as I went to take a picture of her she yawned and she looks like a total monster with her mouth open haha!


Little boy enjoyed the sun as well!


Really ramped up my training for my race…and I’m getting my awesome running legs back!!  Love feeling strong and fit!



I’ve been trying to master fallen angel pose in yoga…it’s not perfect but I’m getting there:)



THE COUNTDOWN IS GETTING SHORTER!!!!!! (this countdown is in no way accurate for actual homecoming dates….we only know he is coming home in June, so I have the countdown for June 1st…no security violations here!)


Another hike…this time to the giant field of sand dunes!


MY idea of a perfect day…puppies, sun, and a giant mug of tea!


Yesterday was my long awaited half marathon!!!  A beautiful early start at the beach!



Luckily my sister is law is smart and brought an extra long sleeve shirt…I wouldve been FREEZING waiting around in my tank top!


My old roommate came to run with us!  Note her post-race carbo fest…muffin and pizza haha!


I ran with my Pro Compression socks and OH MY GOD…not a single blister!!!!!!!!!!!!  Also my feet didn’t go numb…and my legs are SOOO not sore!  I am in LOVE with these things!!!!!!!


It’s SPRING! THERE ARE TULIPS IN MY YARD!!!!  I love spring, if you couldn’t tell:)




Look how short that paper chain is getting!  Remember when it went to both sides of the mirror and then over to the lamp!?!  So close!!!!!


And like a true nerd…had to wear my race tshirt to work today:)



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Days 159-162…a surprise 10k and a birthday care package!

Friday was an all day work training….oh joy.  So glad I went early to jump on the elliptical or else I would’ve gone crazy sitting around all day!  I was disappointed at the ‘healthy’ food options though…I got halfway through my berries only to realize some of them were MOLDY!  Ugh!!


We had a few nice days…but it was still a little chilly…pupster had a blast when she realized the water bowl had created a giant ice toy…


After yoga on Saturday, my old roomie and I decided to go for a quick run because it was semi-nice out…sunny and in the 40s!


Don’t mind my giant man-sweatshirt…it’s my ‘Don’t bother me, I’m busy running’ shirt!


What started out as a quick 5 k turned into a 10 k!  My dear friend, who has never run over 3 miles, turned out to be one of those lucky naturally talented runners…we hit miles 3, 4, and 5 and she was still on fire so we just kept going!  I think I was feeling it more than she was!

Getting to the finish was awesome…we had a celebratory photo shoot!


Running buddies!


The drive home was wonderful…gorgeous sunset on the bridge!


And with all that working out, I got to eat lots of cookies that night:)


I decided to go for it and attempt the cake in a jar for E’s birthday care package on Sunday.


It turned out just how it was supposed to!  I was very happily surprised!  I hope it holds up well in the mail!


I also finished my art projects for our bedroom…I love getting decorations up on the walls!



Today was a wonderful workout day…elliptical and some intense weights!  I love getting strong again…I feel great being able to get back into my old routine.  I am already seeing my body going back to how it was…I love feeling muscular and strong instead of just trying to be ‘skinny’.



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Day 64-a phone call, silly pups, and yardwork

The day started off great with a nice yoga class. After, I got to talk to hubby for a while and it was so amazing to hear his voice! He got one of my packages too! While we were talking two of our friends stopped by to help with yardwork so they got to talk to him too! I think he really liked that. I miss him so much but we are both doing well and I treasure our phone calls so much each week.

Speaking of yardwork, it’s a good hong his friends helped cuz I wouldn’t have had the patience or energy to do all this…



In addition to yardwork the pups got a lot of playtime in the yard. Little Chloe had way too much fun on her “swing” in the tree… Beware of the crazy flying pitbull!




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Day 54-gifts from hubby!:)

After a long morning at the doctors office trying to get to the root of my feeling under the weather for so long, it was so great to come home to a big box from the mid east (from my husband of course!)

He told me to keep an eye in the mail so I was just expecting a letter…a big box was a great surprise!

First a beautiful lapis lazuli bracelet! I absolutely love precious stones and lapis is so perfect as it represents friendship and truth.

Next is a really interesting wooden carving…all one piece of wood!


Really made my day:)

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Day 44 – it’s the little things…


It’s the little things that make me miss him soooo much.

I was cleaning out my purse today and found an old shopping list he had made a while ago.  I remember cracking up at his Italian Ice comment on there when I was at the store that day, and it made me really miss all those funny little moments we have all the time when he’s home.  He makes me smile and laugh EVERY day that we’re together.  I love his sense of humor and I miss it so much.  I can’t wait for him to be home for good…keep on trucking along 2012!  We can do this!  Before we know it, we’ll be annoying each other with grocery lists once more!

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Day 14 – Some GREAT News, A Long Day of Work and a Nice Workout…

Well right now I’m relaxing after a long day at work…in my house the notion of relaxing includes a monster attacking your feet while you sit on the couch watching TV…

Photo: There's a monster attacking my feet

I had a long day between my internship and work, but I got a lot done so it went by pretty fast.  I also got a GREAT hour long workout in on the Arc Trainer, so that was amazing…I really have been needing to get back into my workouts as I’ve been feeling crappy not working out nearly as much as I usually do.  I also got to talk to one of my lovely coworkers who was running next to me, so that was great!

Now for the big news…in about a month, I will be here…

From: New Orleans, LA To: Gulfport, MS


To VISIT MY HUSBAND:) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Originally they had taken away their pass as they gave them the week before they left off, so it was bittersweet hearing that he now had this extra weekend off.  I had already taken up all my nonexistant vacation time to spend that week with him, and we had already said all of our official “Goodbye, see you next summer” see-you-laters when he left, so it was hard to think that A) I may not be able to make it down south for this new break, and B) that we’d have to say goodbye all over again…

But after us saying that we weren’t going to do it cuz it was too much money, I couldn’t sleep, and I cried all morning, so I decided I HAD to go, screw how much money it is, I want to see my husband again and hold his hand again before he has to leave for so long.  I just knew I would be beating myself up all year if I didn’t go.  So, the tickets are booked and the day after my birthday, I’m flying down to New Orleans to meet up with the hubby (ALWAYS wanted to go there!!!!!) and we are spending two days and nights together in Mississippi, hopefully enjoying the beach and just being able to see each other. 

I cannot WAIT:)



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