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Days 215-221…yogafit level 4 and getting cleared to run again!


Do I always start off my posts with pictures of the dogs?  ….yes, yes, I do…


Nothing beats sunny days and puppy kisses!


And cute puppy naps!


I am SO excited to run our yoga mala 108 sun salutations event tomorrow!  We are going to bring in the spring and hopefully get the warm weather back since we had a freak snow storm Monday night!


I made a quick whole foods stop on my way home before yoga Wednesday night…needed to buy lots of yummy food to prepare me for my 4-day YogaFit Level 4 training in Boston!!!

Day 1:

A beautiful view from our conference room…


Love me some free shirts:)


The training was at the Boston Hyatt Harborside and the views were amazing!


I really really enjoyed learning basic Sanskrit for the pose names.  I forgot how much I LOVE and excel at learning languages.  I would really love to learn even more Sanskrit and am once again dedicated to relearning Spanish and at least one other language in my life.  I am having so much fun going over the pose names in my head and learning the unique pronounciations.  I am excited to bring some of them to my classes as well!


My dog sitter sent me this funny series of photos that totally sum up the pups…

Chloe’s stick…


Jack’s stick…


I got home from the 2 hour drive around 830, made lunch for the next day, then slept and woke up once more at 5am to beat the traffic and get there by 7…

Another lovely day!


Delving into the Bhagavad Gita and Yoga Sutras…LOVE love love the yoga philosophy part of teacher training.  I have always been drawn to sutra 1:33, “MAITRI KARUNA MUDITOPEKSANAM SUKHA DUHKHA PUNYAPUNYA VISAYANAM BHAVANATAS CITTA PRASADANAM.
By cultivating attitudes of friendliness toward the happy, compassion for the unhappy, delight in the virtuous, and disregard toward the wicked, the mind-stuff retains its undisturbed calmness.”  Now that I can pronounce the Sanskrit, I am really considering getting the script for this as a tattoo…I feel like it is such an important lesson to remember every day…


I absolutely loved the vinyasa classes each day!  Day two was the day of backbends…my specialty!!!  I may not be able to do handstands or headstands or crazy hip openers, but give me a chance to drop from standing into wheel or flip a downward dog to wild thing and I’m there!


Day three brought another 5am wakeup, and I made it to the 7am bonus class!  Day 3 also brought the need for some extra caffeine…


I’ve had these malas hanging up in my room for I dont know how many years…I dont even remember where I got them from!  Sadly they are somehow missing one bead, so they are a 107 mala!  Oh well, I still think they are pretty and I love the mysterious aspect that I have no idea where they came from!


Watching the sailboats on the harbor took up my afternoon…


More Sanskrit!  So much fun!


During break we took a little walk on the water…so gorgeous out, even though it was pretty cold…


I have a problem with taking too many pictures!



Of course I needed to do some crazy yoga poses while we were outside…who doesn’t do yoga in the 30 degree weather?


Onto day 4!  It was amazing how fast the weekend went by.  A 4 day training seemed so daunting, but it was the last day before we even knew it!  This had a lot to do with our instructors, Tracy and Lisa…they were truly amazing and inspirational each step of the way!


Day 4 is inversion day…and with orthostatic hypotension, I can’t really go upside down.  But I totally love this halfway up modification we learned in level 3, so I stuck with this for the practice.  All the benefits of an inversion without the passing out lol.


Another photo shoot followed lunch…my friend Ashley and I had way too much fun coming up with crazy poses to do in front of the city skyline…





Fun partnering poses!

….annndddd TADA!  My Level 4 certification!  Now I just have Level 5, retrain level 1, Yoga for Seniors, Yoga Back , and I think one other one-day workshop and I will have my 200!  I’m getting there!  It will happen:)


Now onto other random things from this week…

Runner’s World sent me this great article on strengthening exercises…this one for shin splints looks awesome and I definitely need to build more lower leg strength so I can’t wait to try it!


First day back after Level 4….I was planning on an easy day with some cardio, but my friend needed a last minute Pilates sub, so I jumped in!  With some green tea, I was ready to go and it was fun to incorporate some new moves into the class I had learned this weekend!


I had such a good idea on carrying multiple yoga mats for our event on Monday night…I felt like a genius…


I don’t know why I got such a laugh out of this, but I paused the Biggest Loser finale at a random moment when Allison Sweeney looked like a zombie and texted it to my friend Katie and we laughed about it for a good ten minutes….


Freak snowstorm …really?!?!?!


I’m trying to make an effort to eat REAL dinners most nights of the week.  Usually I just eat a snack for dinner, but I am trying to incorporate more healthy proteins into my dinner now.



This picture summed up my entire day…


Wednesday came with a trip to the orthopedist to make sure I wasn’t developing a new stress fracture in my leg (yay I wasn’t!)  The doc helped me to figure out how to change my gait to avoid putting pressure on the outside of my leg and how to stregthen around my knees to avoid the pain I’ve been getting.  I’m hoping I get through the half in April with no injuries!



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Days 189-194…the new diet and a roomie reunion:)

This week was the start of my new/old diet.  Basically I am going back to the diet that always worked best for me in the past.  Everyone always yelled at me for not eating enough, and even as a personal trainer, I know that for my height and weight I technically should be able to eat closer to 1600-1700 calories and still lose weight based on my activity level.  However, for whatever reason, my metabolism was not agreeing with eating more and I gained 15lbs since last summer, despite increasing the intensity and length of my workouts.  So, I’ve gone back to aiming for 1200 calories a day (1400 on longer run days or lifting days), at least for the next two months…I am hoping to be back to my happy racing weight…about 10-13lbs less than now…by the time the Rye 1/2 Marathon comes around at the end of April. I’ve been doing good so far and I actually feel great!  It’s awesome to not have the uncomfortable full feeling I was getting at 1500 and 1600 calorie days…and it’s also a good reminder to only eat when I’m hungry and not eat off of emotions.



Another fun part of last week was a new painting…I love winter sunsets and I found this amazing quote about letting go of the past and had to combine them…I wish the trees would have come out a little better, but I’m happy with it overall…

“There is something incredibly honest about trees in winter…how they are experts at letting things go…”


One of my go-to meals this week has been Hillary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burgers from Whole foods…on a bed of spinach with guacamole or hummus….SO good! 20130220-072646.jpg20130220-072652.jpg

Of course another highlight of my week were these two sweet faces…Mr Jack is showing off his cute bandana from the groomers…Chloe is jealous and wants one too…


Destroying a new toy…


My two old roomies visited this weekend, which was so fun!  One of them found this old gem on her phone….me and hubby in some kind of life or death battle over who knows what…


Having a cooking party in the kitchen!  Oh how I’ve missed these two gals!


With yet another snow storm, we spent a lot of time cuddled on the couch…


Surprisingly, the diet went well all week…spacing my meals out and adding in some variety is making me feel so great!


I attempted to redo our bedroom floor…after about 2 hours of removing staples and cleaning and moving furniture, I laid out the underlayment, only to find that whatever structural issues are causing problems in our living room are also causing our floor to sag in the middle…and you can’t lay an uneven floor…


…so I gave up and cried on the floor with Jack, who didn’t seem phased.


Such a delicious breakfast yesterday…berries, applesauce, almond butter, and flaxseed with some nice rooibos tea!  I definitely could not have filled up the bowl any more!

Gave me enough fuel for another 4 mile indoor track run!  Cannot wait for nice weather and melted snow to get back into running outside!  Someday I NEED to live somewhere where running outside ALL year is completely doable!


We are officially under the 4 month countdown until hubby gets home.  Every day I look at the pictures from our last homecoming and our wedding on my desk at work and it all seems so surreal.  I just can’t wait to run up to him and give him the biggest hug and kiss, knowing that if everything goes right, he won’t ever have to leave again.  We’re almost in double digits for the countdown…so close yet so far!


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My Journey to My Ideal Weight

I’ve struggled for a long time with my weight.  Around age 18, after a pretty difficult emotional year, I put on around 35 lbs…over the next few years I went in the completely opposite direction and lost around 50 lbs.

Ever since then, it’s been a struggle to find balance and where my body wants to be.  Sure I can get down to the 130s if I really put in the effort…but once I got there, I started to think that was where I HAD to be.  That since it was possible for me to get there, that’s where I was supposed to be.  That if I gained weight, it was fat, since my body was perfect at my low weight.

But after gaining 10 lbs since this summer, after making the decision to really get ‘healthy’ not just ‘fit’ or ‘thin’, I am realizing that 145 is my IDEAL weight.  It’s the weight where my body is happy and healthy.  And it’s actually the weight where I look and feel my best.

I enjoy feeling strong, I love having muscles and strength and endurance.  I’d rather be able to hit the weight room, hike a mountain, then run a half marathon…and look like I can do these things…than fit into tiny designer clothes and sip martinis and feel weak and tiny and miserable and restrictive of all I eat and drink and do.  I like being in the kind of shape where I feel confident and healthy…where I have energy and a glow about me.

I like the idea of having an idea weight.  When I first read about the idea, as opposed to everyone’s idea of ‘goal weights’ or ‘low weights’, I was like “No way…if I stop obsessing over the calories and the scale, my body is NOT going to settle in on some ideal set point…it’s just going to get big and fat…if I don’t keep control over all those things, everything is going to spiral OUT of control!”  But, low and behold, after a few months of trying (not always successfully, but trying hard) to be healthier and more balanced….increasing my calorie intake, crosstraining between yoga, dance, and running instead of over-fixating on a certain workout to get the more burn, and of stepping OFF the scale for longer periods of time…it happened.  Yes, I gained 10 lbs, yes that realization was terrifying to me…but then the weight stopped coming on…it’s gone up and down a few pounds a few times, but it’s found that set point…or at least I think it has.

And the great thing?  This is the same weight I was when I was in the BEST shape I’ve been in…2 1/2 years ago when I was running and kickboxing and lifting like no one’s business…this was what I weighed.  Do I have the same muscle definition or endurance I had then?  No, not yet, I’m still recovering from my really bad vitamin deficiency and getting my strength back.  But, I’m getting there!  I’m seeing muscle again…I’m feeling strong again…I can run up hills again…I can do the stairs again without getting winded.  I can teach multiple classes in one day again.  And I’m going back to my original dreams of wanting to work in fitness again now that I feel back to my old self!  It’s fantastic!

And those obsessions of being at my ‘low weight?’  Well, the other day I came across a picture of me at my low weight…and instead of feeling lustful after that smaller size?  I was actually appalled that I had wanted to be that thin.  My arms looked toned, yes, but they also looked so small!  My collarbone was jutting out.  Where were my shoulder muscles that I’m always so proud of?  And my legs…they looked huge in comparison to me…I remember wondering why they didn’t look more toned with how much I was running…well probably because my body wasn’t able to build muscle because I wasn’t fueling it properly.  No matter how thin you are, you’re going to have cellulite if your body is eating away at your muscle for fuel!

So this is me declaring my ideal weight…and denouncing the quest to ‘get back down’ to my low weight.  I am finally realizing that this is a healthy weight for me…yes I still have the goals to get back to the shape I was in when I was lifting heavy and running half marathons and kickboxing every day.  I also have new goals, such as incorporating my new healthy obsessions of yoga and meditation into each day, staying positive and confident.  But I have no desire to ‘lose more weight’…just to get stronger, faster, healthier, and better every day!


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Other Blogs I Am In Love With Right Now…

Tranquility du Jour…a great blog about being fabulous while also being an animal activist, yoga teacher, and kick-butt business woman!  Love this…

Eat Run Repeat… A great inspirational blog on eating right, running, and healthy living in general…

Healthy Tipping Point…all around inspiring woman…tips on nutrition, fitness, life, parenting, and life in general…really motivating to read!

Meals and Miles…another great fitness and nutrition blog with some awesome recipes!

Heather Eats Almond Butter…yeah, I have an addiction to fitness and nutriton blogs, but this one is amazing!

Another military wife blog I found on my favorite forum MilitarySOS, nice to read about someone else going through military-related things…


There will be more later, but seeing as I’m at work (SHHH!!!) and only had a short break, I can’t do much more at the moment;)

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Workouts and Weight…

Well, BOO to you too thunderstorms!  Guess we won’t be doing our 10 mile race tonight:(  Going to have to make it a gym day and hopefully fit in a short outdoor run later before the storms start! 

I was really looking forward to the 10 miler for a few reasons…one being that I have been trying to reestablish a good running routine.  It seems like running is the only way I can consistantly get the results I want as part of my fitness plan.  Case in point, due to my work schedule, I’ve been doing a TON of cross training the last few months…I teach yoga 4 times a week, ballet fitness twice a week, and lift twice a week, in addition to at least 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week (elliptical, calisthenics, house repair work, etc).  However, since March, the scale has slowly gone up…by 10 pounds (and then back down by 5 again, but still)!!!

Part of the issue has to do with food…for a few years there, after a big weight gain freshman year of about 30 lbs, I had a huge love/hate relationship with food.  I would exercise for hours trying to lose the weight, but be so famished I’d eat back all the work I had put in.  Then I realized if I just really really cut back, I lost A LOT and FAST.  This also became an unhealthy balance.  So I would swing back and forth between unhealthy habits, getting frustrated with my progress and overexercising one week, then restricting my food the next…I DID lose the weight, but at what cost?  I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and with my body!

Too big…. (5 years ago…40-50lbs heavier)

Too small…(Last fall…10 lbs less than I am now..)

Just right? (Last week…up 5-10 lbs up from last year…but is this just my body’s ‘right weight’?  I weighed this much before and was healthy and in shape…was I just not meant to be 10 lbs lighter than this?  Maybe my body is happier here…)

So this past year or two I’ve really made an effort to get back to a healthy balance.  Running enough that I enjoyed it and met my fitness goals, but not to the point of obsession or injuries, eating healthy foods and trying to increase my calorie limits to a healthy range, cross training a bunch with new fun fitness loves, like more dance and zumba, weight training, yoga, Pilates, etc…  I really am super proud of all the strides I’ve made!  I am much more balanced, happy, healthy, and I know I look better too. 

When I first saw the weight gain I thought Ugh.  Devastating.  But I’m determined to get through it and not let it affect my happiness.  I know I am happy and healthy…that’s a good starting point.  I also have been focusing a LOT on building strength, lifting a lot more than I had been…and we all know muscle weighs more than fat…another good step in a positive direction. 

I need less of these…

And more of these…

What now?  Well, I am going to make some small tweeks in my diet…first, cutting back on desserts.  I do have a sweet tooth, and even though I still eat a healthy dessert, I’m sure the fruit, almond butter and organic chocolate TWICE a day is a little much…I’m going to replace one of my sweets with a nice protein shake or some fruit.  I’m also going to try incorporating smoothies into my diet more…replacing a meal with a healthy fruit/veggie/and protein packed shake when I’m on the go.  And I’m sure getting back into a running routine is going to help too.

But the biggest change?  I’m going to do everything in my power to not get super stressed and upset about this.  I know that I am healthy at this weight, and I know that my body NEEDS the fuel from the healthy amount of food I eat to do all the AMAZING things it does for me every day.  I LOVE that my body can run 13.1 miles, can lift heavy weights and make me feel strong, can teach yoga classes and bring peace and calm to the people I am blessed to teach, can dance and make beautiful connections with music and movement….I LOVE my body, and I value it, and I am going to focus on THAT, not a scale.

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