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Days 189-194…the new diet and a roomie reunion:)

This week was the start of my new/old diet.  Basically I am going back to the diet that always worked best for me in the past.  Everyone always yelled at me for not eating enough, and even as a personal trainer, I know that for my height and weight I technically should be able to eat closer to 1600-1700 calories and still lose weight based on my activity level.  However, for whatever reason, my metabolism was not agreeing with eating more and I gained 15lbs since last summer, despite increasing the intensity and length of my workouts.  So, I’ve gone back to aiming for 1200 calories a day (1400 on longer run days or lifting days), at least for the next two months…I am hoping to be back to my happy racing weight…about 10-13lbs less than now…by the time the Rye 1/2 Marathon comes around at the end of April. I’ve been doing good so far and I actually feel great!  It’s awesome to not have the uncomfortable full feeling I was getting at 1500 and 1600 calorie days…and it’s also a good reminder to only eat when I’m hungry and not eat off of emotions.



Another fun part of last week was a new painting…I love winter sunsets and I found this amazing quote about letting go of the past and had to combine them…I wish the trees would have come out a little better, but I’m happy with it overall…

“There is something incredibly honest about trees in winter…how they are experts at letting things go…”


One of my go-to meals this week has been Hillary’s Eat Well Adzuki Bean Burgers from Whole foods…on a bed of spinach with guacamole or hummus….SO good! 20130220-072646.jpg20130220-072652.jpg

Of course another highlight of my week were these two sweet faces…Mr Jack is showing off his cute bandana from the groomers…Chloe is jealous and wants one too…


Destroying a new toy…


My two old roomies visited this weekend, which was so fun!  One of them found this old gem on her phone….me and hubby in some kind of life or death battle over who knows what…


Having a cooking party in the kitchen!  Oh how I’ve missed these two gals!


With yet another snow storm, we spent a lot of time cuddled on the couch…


Surprisingly, the diet went well all week…spacing my meals out and adding in some variety is making me feel so great!


I attempted to redo our bedroom floor…after about 2 hours of removing staples and cleaning and moving furniture, I laid out the underlayment, only to find that whatever structural issues are causing problems in our living room are also causing our floor to sag in the middle…and you can’t lay an uneven floor…


…so I gave up and cried on the floor with Jack, who didn’t seem phased.


Such a delicious breakfast yesterday…berries, applesauce, almond butter, and flaxseed with some nice rooibos tea!  I definitely could not have filled up the bowl any more!

Gave me enough fuel for another 4 mile indoor track run!  Cannot wait for nice weather and melted snow to get back into running outside!  Someday I NEED to live somewhere where running outside ALL year is completely doable!


We are officially under the 4 month countdown until hubby gets home.  Every day I look at the pictures from our last homecoming and our wedding on my desk at work and it all seems so surreal.  I just can’t wait to run up to him and give him the biggest hug and kiss, knowing that if everything goes right, he won’t ever have to leave again.  We’re almost in double digits for the countdown…so close yet so far!



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Food for Friday!

With all my talk of fitness and food on here, I realize I haven’t posted much about what I actually eat!  With so many allergies, it can be hard to eat nutritious and filling food that actually tastes good.  I wanted to share a typical day’s worth of meals so that anyone else with allergies or following a vegetarian/gluten free lifestyle can get some healthy ideas:)


First comes breakfast!

On a typical day I’ll eat sunflower seed butter with a rice cake if I’m in a rush.  On the rare mornings I have time, I’ll make my favorite Berry Mash!

Berry Mash Recipe:

1 1/2 cups frozen berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry)

1/2 cup applesauce

1 1/2 tablespoons almond butter


2 tablespoons flaxseed

Heat berries until they are warm and mash-able, mix in other ingredients…it’s really that simple and oh so tasty!

Next comes LUNCH….


I was vegan for a while, but after my aforementioned battles with a severe and recently diagnosed vitamin b12 deficiency, alone with pretty bad eczema, I have been adding fish and eggs into my semi-vegetarian diet.  Today’s lunch was pan-seared wild

caught tuna from Trader Joe’s , seasoned with dill, salt, and pepper, along with a healthy portion of steamed broccoli, all topped off with red and green salsa!  Delicious!

For my evening snack/dessert….


…I made my famous Pumpkin Mash, which I’ve written about before.  Pumpkin puree, applesauce, almond butter, chocolate chips, and cinnamon, all melted together to form a wonderful, gooey, delicious dessert!  In love with this.

During my evening yoga practice I was craving some tea, so I made a new flavor I bought today at Whole Foods from Republic of Tea!

Green Rooibos Tea with Plantain and Coconut!  Oh my goodness…SO SO good!  I am addicted after just one cup!  (Also note the wonderful mortar/pestle and plantain smasher in the background that my dear friend Ashley got me from the Dominican Republic…I think they are so neat!)


I’m not all that hungry tonight, since my only workout was a short hike with the dogs and 30 minutes of my own yoga practice…I’ll probably have a nice snack of a few figs (my FAVORITE snack) along with maybe a rice cake and some sunflower seed butter (the Once Again Organic Sunflower seed butter is AMAZING!)

So this is a typical day of food for me…usually adds up to about 1300-1400 calories.  If I do a hard workout, I’ll add in a little more for dinner…usually carrots and hummus, maybe two rice cakes, or some veggie sushi!  What does a typical food day look like for you?

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