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Days 244-251…more random updates…


Can we tell it’s getting to be that time?  Even though it’s still far away in some regards, it’s also seeming more and more close….meaning it’s been harder and harder to concentrate and keep a train of thought.  My husband is coming home in roughly two months and I am too excited to sit still!  Maybe getting back into this blog, which helped keep me sane at the beginning of the deployment, will keep me sane for the end of it as well! 

Let’s start by introducing what I thought was a GREAT Yoga Journal article, by Coral Brown, a teacher right here in RI!  It is about strengthening your core, but she comes from the stance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual core…I really liked her paralels to strength and acceptance rather than the mainstream “Get a 6-pack now!” type articles in most fitness magazines.  Cool stuff, check it out!


I taught a fair bit of yoga the last two weeks…always the anchor that keeps me grounded!


I am super psyched to be feeling healthy and STRONG again, finally!  My muscles are back , I feel energized, able, and so happy and confident in my body again.  I credit so much of this with yoga.  Running has definitely been a huge factor, with getting my legs and energy levels and strength back, however yoga has been the biggest change in my life this year…teaching 4-5 times a week plus my own practice….my arms are stronger and more jacked than when I used to lift every other day.  I never realized the power of body weight exercises like chataranga and crow until now!  Love feeling strong and seeing new progress every week!


Sunny weather means lots of hiking for the puppies this week! (Also it was school vacation so I didnt have internship for five whole days!!)




I made them pose for a few pictures, they weren’t too amused haha.


By the end of the week, Chlo-chlo was EXHAUSTED, so she took a nice nap in the sun… MOST EPIC PICTURE EVER…


Every send some prayers out for our little foster pup who my mom adopted…he was attacked by a dog out on a walk and has a few puncture wounds:(  He is healing well, but it is such a shame that the other owner was so irresponsible…police are investigating and it looks like the owner may be charged with cruelty to the dog, which makes sense because dogs aren’t just vicious for no reason.  Sad situation, but I am glad he is feeling good…sending good vibes his way!


We went for a wonderful hike this weekend…well actually two…one to tire the dogs out, then another one to find this awesome view and climb some fun cliffs!  Of course I had to do yoga on every boulder…




And who can see a bridge without DOING a bridge on it?  Not this girl…


I also used my mornings off to finish painting the living room!  Yay for happy bright colors every where!


And…..surprise!  More hikes at my favorite place!!!  These sand dunes make me feel like I’m living the dream out West, so that’s what I pretend whenever I’m hiking there…


Poor pups were tired after all of my hiking adventures this week…they say “Ok, you can go back to internship now!”



I LOVE this mix on 8tracks…so perfect for this upbeat sunny weather we’ve been having!


We finally have a working LIGHT in our bedroom!  Since we’ve moved in we’ve relied on awkwardly placed lamps that have resulted in lots of stubbed toes…now let there be light!!  Next project before hubby comes home is a nice dark wood floor install and then our new bed comforter set…I think the dark browns will make the lavendar walls look less tacky..it didn’t look as ‘purple’ in the sample…


On a side note, this just about summed up my week….I made SO many cookies!


Took the pups for another hike today…then we got kicked out because apparently the air force uses the area to practice air drops of supplies on random days…super safe!  Haha.  I decided to go for a 4 mile run, which for some reason was a struggle…need to take some time off so I am all rested up for the half marathon….which is in less than two weeks!!!!  It snuck up on me fast, and my longest run has been less than 6.5miles…it’s gonna be rough…


On a side note, when I flipped to the back of YJ today, I saw this….how…is…this…even…possible….???? 



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On being healthy…

So I’ve alluded to my history with body image issues and eating issues on here a bit before, but I wanted to post a little update.

After a week of a little relapse into feeling really negative about myself, and definitely not eating enough at all, I actually are a lot today. Like a lot. Probably 1700 calories maybe 1800. But it felt good. I’m proud of myself. I had the energy to teach yoga and do one of my old badass lifting routines. I have decided on staying super healthy and keeping up my energy and workouts even if I’m gaining on the scale. Logically, I know the only reason I’ve been gaining weight is that my body was practically in starvation mode for a long time, and so now even eating a ‘normal’ amount is going to have me gaining weight for a while…but I know that after a while I will even out and finally be healthy.

I need to keep a level head and focus on my health and getting muscle rather than being starving and weak for the sake of being thin. It’s gonna be a struggle after so long focusing on restricting calories and being thin but I miss being strong and having energy. I just need to focus on that right now.  My goal is to have the energy to run another half marathon this year and to get my strength and muscles back.


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My Journey to My Ideal Weight

I’ve struggled for a long time with my weight.  Around age 18, after a pretty difficult emotional year, I put on around 35 lbs…over the next few years I went in the completely opposite direction and lost around 50 lbs.

Ever since then, it’s been a struggle to find balance and where my body wants to be.  Sure I can get down to the 130s if I really put in the effort…but once I got there, I started to think that was where I HAD to be.  That since it was possible for me to get there, that’s where I was supposed to be.  That if I gained weight, it was fat, since my body was perfect at my low weight.

But after gaining 10 lbs since this summer, after making the decision to really get ‘healthy’ not just ‘fit’ or ‘thin’, I am realizing that 145 is my IDEAL weight.  It’s the weight where my body is happy and healthy.  And it’s actually the weight where I look and feel my best.

I enjoy feeling strong, I love having muscles and strength and endurance.  I’d rather be able to hit the weight room, hike a mountain, then run a half marathon…and look like I can do these things…than fit into tiny designer clothes and sip martinis and feel weak and tiny and miserable and restrictive of all I eat and drink and do.  I like being in the kind of shape where I feel confident and healthy…where I have energy and a glow about me.

I like the idea of having an idea weight.  When I first read about the idea, as opposed to everyone’s idea of ‘goal weights’ or ‘low weights’, I was like “No way…if I stop obsessing over the calories and the scale, my body is NOT going to settle in on some ideal set point…it’s just going to get big and fat…if I don’t keep control over all those things, everything is going to spiral OUT of control!”  But, low and behold, after a few months of trying (not always successfully, but trying hard) to be healthier and more balanced….increasing my calorie intake, crosstraining between yoga, dance, and running instead of over-fixating on a certain workout to get the more burn, and of stepping OFF the scale for longer periods of time…it happened.  Yes, I gained 10 lbs, yes that realization was terrifying to me…but then the weight stopped coming on…it’s gone up and down a few pounds a few times, but it’s found that set point…or at least I think it has.

And the great thing?  This is the same weight I was when I was in the BEST shape I’ve been in…2 1/2 years ago when I was running and kickboxing and lifting like no one’s business…this was what I weighed.  Do I have the same muscle definition or endurance I had then?  No, not yet, I’m still recovering from my really bad vitamin deficiency and getting my strength back.  But, I’m getting there!  I’m seeing muscle again…I’m feeling strong again…I can run up hills again…I can do the stairs again without getting winded.  I can teach multiple classes in one day again.  And I’m going back to my original dreams of wanting to work in fitness again now that I feel back to my old self!  It’s fantastic!

And those obsessions of being at my ‘low weight?’  Well, the other day I came across a picture of me at my low weight…and instead of feeling lustful after that smaller size?  I was actually appalled that I had wanted to be that thin.  My arms looked toned, yes, but they also looked so small!  My collarbone was jutting out.  Where were my shoulder muscles that I’m always so proud of?  And my legs…they looked huge in comparison to me…I remember wondering why they didn’t look more toned with how much I was running…well probably because my body wasn’t able to build muscle because I wasn’t fueling it properly.  No matter how thin you are, you’re going to have cellulite if your body is eating away at your muscle for fuel!

So this is me declaring my ideal weight…and denouncing the quest to ‘get back down’ to my low weight.  I am finally realizing that this is a healthy weight for me…yes I still have the goals to get back to the shape I was in when I was lifting heavy and running half marathons and kickboxing every day.  I also have new goals, such as incorporating my new healthy obsessions of yoga and meditation into each day, staying positive and confident.  But I have no desire to ‘lose more weight’…just to get stronger, faster, healthier, and better every day!


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