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Days 244-251…more random updates…


Can we tell it’s getting to be that time?  Even though it’s still far away in some regards, it’s also seeming more and more close….meaning it’s been harder and harder to concentrate and keep a train of thought.  My husband is coming home in roughly two months and I am too excited to sit still!  Maybe getting back into this blog, which helped keep me sane at the beginning of the deployment, will keep me sane for the end of it as well! 

Let’s start by introducing what I thought was a GREAT Yoga Journal article, by Coral Brown, a teacher right here in RI!  It is about strengthening your core, but she comes from the stance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual core…I really liked her paralels to strength and acceptance rather than the mainstream “Get a 6-pack now!” type articles in most fitness magazines.  Cool stuff, check it out!


I taught a fair bit of yoga the last two weeks…always the anchor that keeps me grounded!


I am super psyched to be feeling healthy and STRONG again, finally!  My muscles are back , I feel energized, able, and so happy and confident in my body again.  I credit so much of this with yoga.  Running has definitely been a huge factor, with getting my legs and energy levels and strength back, however yoga has been the biggest change in my life this year…teaching 4-5 times a week plus my own practice….my arms are stronger and more jacked than when I used to lift every other day.  I never realized the power of body weight exercises like chataranga and crow until now!  Love feeling strong and seeing new progress every week!


Sunny weather means lots of hiking for the puppies this week! (Also it was school vacation so I didnt have internship for five whole days!!)




I made them pose for a few pictures, they weren’t too amused haha.


By the end of the week, Chlo-chlo was EXHAUSTED, so she took a nice nap in the sun… MOST EPIC PICTURE EVER…


Every send some prayers out for our little foster pup who my mom adopted…he was attacked by a dog out on a walk and has a few puncture wounds:(  He is healing well, but it is such a shame that the other owner was so irresponsible…police are investigating and it looks like the owner may be charged with cruelty to the dog, which makes sense because dogs aren’t just vicious for no reason.  Sad situation, but I am glad he is feeling good…sending good vibes his way!


We went for a wonderful hike this weekend…well actually two…one to tire the dogs out, then another one to find this awesome view and climb some fun cliffs!  Of course I had to do yoga on every boulder…




And who can see a bridge without DOING a bridge on it?  Not this girl…


I also used my mornings off to finish painting the living room!  Yay for happy bright colors every where!


And…..surprise!  More hikes at my favorite place!!!  These sand dunes make me feel like I’m living the dream out West, so that’s what I pretend whenever I’m hiking there…


Poor pups were tired after all of my hiking adventures this week…they say “Ok, you can go back to internship now!”



I LOVE this mix on 8tracks…so perfect for this upbeat sunny weather we’ve been having!


We finally have a working LIGHT in our bedroom!  Since we’ve moved in we’ve relied on awkwardly placed lamps that have resulted in lots of stubbed toes…now let there be light!!  Next project before hubby comes home is a nice dark wood floor install and then our new bed comforter set…I think the dark browns will make the lavendar walls look less tacky..it didn’t look as ‘purple’ in the sample…


On a side note, this just about summed up my week….I made SO many cookies!


Took the pups for another hike today…then we got kicked out because apparently the air force uses the area to practice air drops of supplies on random days…super safe!  Haha.  I decided to go for a 4 mile run, which for some reason was a struggle…need to take some time off so I am all rested up for the half marathon….which is in less than two weeks!!!!  It snuck up on me fast, and my longest run has been less than 6.5miles…it’s gonna be rough…


On a side note, when I flipped to the back of YJ today, I saw this….how…is…this…even…possible….???? 



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Days 222-228…everything is falling into place!


Once again, I have fallen almost a week behind on updates, but life has been hectic lately!  It’s like everything is falling into place at once the last few days!

Our new center beam is finally finished!  The living room is still in disarray, but it’s just good to know that the house is now safe! A fresh coat of paint and some creative furniture rearranging and we’ll be as good as new!


On a side note, our little monster dog ate the cage off of my spin bike pedal!  Evil! Her master plan for my workouts to all revolve around walking her…


My new obsession is looking up crazy awesome yoga poses I want to learn on tumblr and pinterest….some of my new favorite obsessions…




The pups love having their couch back!  Giant snuggle party as soon as the living room was free and clear!


I had a great weekend full of teaching yoga and meeting up with old friends!  And on Sunday I was able to meet up with an awesome yoga student/friend of mine for coffee to discuss an interview she had helped me set up at her workplace!  It was great and I’m really looking forward to it!

While at Whole Foods, I picked up some herbs that I’ve been reading about for helping with chronic allergies/autoimmune issues…I’ve only been taking them about a week, but wow, they really do seem to be helping!  I have read some awesome articles lately on how inflamation is the root cause of so many issues, especially in those with immune system problems!  (Kris Carr wrote another great article on this just this week you should check it out!)  The quercetin and tumeric are great antiinflammatories and the ashwagandha is an adaptogen, meaning it helps your immune system react to stress.


I’ve also started a new book by the Dalai Llama…I love books on Buddhist meditation if you cant tell…

Now, realistically I shouldn’t finish this book until the summer because I have about 6 other books I SHOULD be reading for school…..


Hubby sent an awesome handmade rug home and the dogs ADORE it….so of course we had a photo shoot…


I had such a puppy-tastic week!  The weather is finally getting nicer and we took full advantage with many fun yard play dates and hikes!


Chloe don’t take no trouble from no body!


Jack biting Chloe’s head…no big deal…


A wonderful view!


Posing with monster dog!


Yesterday was my first big interview of the week!  I am kind of torn because in an hour I will have my second big interview.  Both jobs are really similar…clinician jobs in the human services field.  One is dealing with foster kids and foster families, which has always been my area of focus and most interest…but it has a higher caseload and lots of responsibilties.  Job two is much more therapy focused and I would be specializing in MST therapy in home, which deals with kids at severe risk for placements.  It seems like parts of it would be more intense and clinical, however its a smaller caseload.  Both jobs pay the same and both have really interesting aspects to them.  Obviously I don’t know if I’ll get offered one or both or neither so I’m trying not to over-stress.  However, in the event I was offered both I really don’t know which one I’d take!

Anyway, here’s my pretty dress…I feel so professional!  I never get to dress up with my usual jobs so I felt super pretty and fancy the last two days!


And finally…my best friend sent me this hysterical ‘reasons to eat healthy’ picture last night….EPIC.


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Days 198-202…despite the fact that our house is falling down, I’m feeling good!:)

As always, lets start out with a nice big hello from the kiddos…


“Hi! …can we have our treat now?”

So let’s start out with the bad news….our house is basically falling down.  Yes, along with the theme of “f— it all february”, it turns out we missed something pretty big when we bought the house…


Yeah…that’s a good three foot section of the main support beam MISSING…vanished…cut out…gone…out of the picture…


Never a good thing…

But I’m handling it surprisingly well!

Case in point:


Excuse my french….was just SO happy and SO positive I had to enhance it with colorful adjectives… ughhhh!

I was really upset and overwhelmed with all the house stuff, and trying to figure out taxes, along with the 50 other house projects I’ve been working on….oh and work and school and interning AND being sick….. you get the picture.

But then I took a step back, took a deep breath, and reminded myself that I am so lucky and grateful for the life that I  have.  I am surrounded by loving friends and family, the two cuddliest puppies every, I have great jobs and internships, I’m in school, and our deployment countdown is slowly getting smaller and smaller.  AND the weather has magically gotten brighter…instant spring!  No matter what happens with the house, we have been super responsible and saved up enough to cover anything that needs done.  No matter how much I may want to complain, I dont deserve to, because I am in such a good position in my life and this is nothing I can’t handle.

Time for an inspirational Thich Naht Han quote, since he sums things up better than I ever could…


As SOON as the snow melted, we needed a hike!  So this week, with the cold and mud and damp, I laced up my boots and out we went!


It was so nice to be out in the fresh air again!  We have been cooped up far too long this winter!


And there is nothing like the peaceful puppy sleep you get after a hike!

Wednesday was great…I taught two wonderful yoga classes and it felt so good to be healthy enough to really teach all out.  Yoga is so therapeutic!  I woke up to a message from the studio owner asking me to add another of my yogalates classes to the schedule!  Last night was PACKED and she wants to put another one on the schedule!  Everyone loves it!  I was SO happy:)  I made a new playlist of my favorite songs of the month, so here it is!

Spring Yoga Mix from theresa913 on 8tracks Radio.


Today has been wonderful…I was supposed to give a big presentation but class got cancelled!  So I packed up the pups and drove an hour to our FAVORITE secluded beach!  3 miles of shoreline…and it was the perfect day!  No one else around…just the sand and the waves and the wind and the sun….oh my goodness, spring is really coming!!!!

I wanted to get a cute picture…but when I asked the puppies to sit it went a little like this….


Sit? WHY?!? Are you tricking us? Is there another dog you are distracting us from?!?!


Stay? Nooooooo….you must mean come and give me kisses if you are sitting in the sand!!!


Oh…picture time?  Why didn’t you just say so…let’s look regal and adorable…ready go!

Tonight should be fun…off to the gym to train a client at 7, then working (aka working out) til close at midnight.  Not the biggest fan of late shifts, but it’s a good excuse to get a long run in on the treadmill or track since I’m stuck there for a few hours.  I NEED to get my mileage up.  Last week’s illness put me off track and I want to be ready for the race in April….5 miles is my long run now…gotta get comfortable with 13 again and I have two months…time to work!


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Days 170-172…fitness frenzy and a heat wave:)


Rocking my new favorite winter style…I wear this scarf just about daily either as a scarf or shawl…I’m hoping hubby will take the hint and send me more:)  It is the perfect winter/spring attire especially when you work in buildings where the heat is all wonky!

We began our monthlong spring break weight loss program this week and it has been a huge success so far!  We are over booked and the girls all seem so into it!  We did their measurements and gave them notebooks to track their progress!


We also have been having a bit of a heat wave this week!  I was so happy to be able to sit out in the sun!  Mr Jack is giving me a look like “My mom is crazy…”


I bought my bridesmaids dress for one of my best friend’s weddings this summer!  She just gave me the color she wanted me to get and I found this awesome dress for sale from David’s!  I ordered it a size smaller than I measured for because it is extra incentive to get back into shape for the spring/summer.  I’m so excited to get it…it actually looks like it’s going to be really pretty!


I had to share this ecard…it totally sums up the Friday nights my old roommate and I have been having…we meet up after work, gossip about life, wake up early for yoga, then spend the weekend doing crafts…


This morning was so nice that after my internship I took the puppies for a much needed hike!!


It was super windy, but we had a blast! 


I love my awesome hunter hat…I feel kind of badass in it…


It was a gorgeous day and the puppies loved it!…So did I!


Chloe took my lawn chair as an open invitation to sit on my lap, so we had some fun cuddle time!  I love this spoiled little monster girl.


I’ve been on a chill music kick the last two days…yesterday was stressful after teaching an unexpectedly packed yogasweat class to 20 loud college students, then having some home repair trouble…so I blasted chill 90s songs and made a new playlist before teaching my second yoga class of the day…it totally helped and I continued the theme today to stay chill and focused!


I couldn’t help myself…I had to work late so I caved and bought veggie sushi!  And ate it ALL!


Today I am super proud of myself.  I ate more than I’ve probably eaten all year.  Honestly, I don’t eat this much unless I’m running 10 + miles.  But I worked out so much I know I needed to fuel myself.  And I’m turning Thursdays into my splurge and workout a ton days…if I have to work til midnight, I might as well get my big workout in! 


I hiked the dogs, personal trained for an hour which probably burned more calories than I counted for it, ellipticalled for 40 mins, lifted heavy for 30 mins with a friend, and ran for 10 mins.  I’m feeling great!  And only about an hour til closing time!


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Day 115 – a busy day!

Woke up not feeling well, so I decided to do yoga at home to try and relax…ended up doing an hour of actually some pretty intense practice…it was like my body needed to cleanse and refresh through a vigorous practice even though I felt crappy.  By the end of it I was feeling much better…it’s amazing what yoga can do!

After yoga, I needed a break, as did the crazy dog…20121205-173652.jpg

I got to talk to hubby for a bit and we discussed Christmas presents and how I’m planning on redoing the whole bedroom and spare room as a joint Xmas present for both of us…I hope to have the whole house done by the time he gets back!  It’s keeping me busy and I can’t wait to see the look on his face when he sees it! 

I had worked out and finished lunch all before 11!  Weird!  So I had time to take the pups for a long walk…we went to a nature preserve 25 minutes from our house…it’s so fun there!  Reminds me of the James Taylor song ‘Country Road’…so then of course I had to listen to James Taylor the rest of the day:)


Adventure time!


What a pretty view!  I love being alone in the woods.  Someday I really want a farm with lots of land so I can just walk for miles and miles alone, knowing I’m the only one out there…ahhhh, such a nice thought!

Been having a pretty productive day at work…got some homework done…there is SO much and it’s kind of overwhelming…

Leaving in 15 minutes to go teach ballet!  I’m tired, but I really need another workout today so I’m pretty pumped!  Might even learn a new combination tonight with the students…we’ll see how it goes!


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Day 99-Sunday Pilates and a beautiful hike:)

I always wish I took more pictures in the yoga studio, since my weekends always start out there, and it is such a wonderful place….Even though there is no photo evidence, my day started out PERFECTLY with a wonderful packed yoga/pilates class full of my favorite students!  What a great positive energy today, and every was in such a happy mood with the upcoming holidays.  It was a great morning!


After yoga, I got a chance to talk to my husband, which is always a highlight of my week.  We spent almost an hour talking, and planning our big vacation for when he comes home.  We have so many places we want to travel, and are knocking at least of few of them off our list when he comes home this spring.  I couldn’t be more excited, and it just adds to my wanting him home.  We also discussed Christmas presents and you know what the poor guy wants most?

A paintbrush.
That’s right…the sand and dust get so annoying over there that a good quality paintbrush to dust off his belongings every day is at the top of his Christmas wishlist.  The things these guys and gals have to go through are ridiculous.  I don’t think most people realize the small inconveniences they face over there that add up to just an uncomfortable existence.  Yes, the threat of real danger is the worst part, but the bad food and water that keeps them with low grade stomach bugs the whole time, the dust and sand, the extreme temperatures, the crazy shifts and lack of sleep and privacy, all those little things add up to contribute to what I’d imagine to be extremely stressful.  Regardless, it was great talking to him and he seems to be in really high spirits.  They are going to get a lamb from town for their holiday feast.  As a vegetarian, that doesn’t sound too good to me, but they are pretty excited haha.

Later on, I took the puppies for a hike and even though it was chilly all day, the sun was nice and warm.  What a wonderful Sunday afternoon!



We had a beautiful sunset and the moon was so neat…the photo doesn’t do it justice, but it was fun just standing outside looking at the sky…


My friend and I went to TJ Maxx and I got myself an early Christmas present…5 new yoga pants!  I need to go through my closet and donate a bunch of clothes…I am a mess and my closet is full of stuff I don’t wear, so I feel guilty buying new things…but yoga pants are different.  With all the classes I teach, I need good comfortable clothes that I know I can just throw on and run to the studio in.  And all of these are great!



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Day 93 summer in November:)

I am currently blogging instead of doing much needed school work…uhoh!  The semester is winding down and I feel like I don’t even know where I stand.  Between internship, practicum, and an independent study I keep very busy, but I don’t know if I am where I need to be on work.  There are no set due dates for most of my work, so I feel like I should be doing more so it doesn’t all creep up on me in December.  My goal for when I get home is to do at least one or two new assignments!

Today was an absolutely perfectly wonderful day!  70 degrees in November!  And the week after a snow storm!  I was in HEAVEN! 

In case you can’t tell from my ups and downs the last few weeks…I am not a winter-person.  The summer is where I belong.  Someday I am going to live in a place where it never gets below 50 degrees.  Fact.  It’s going to happen.  I get so much more done when the weather is nice…and I’m so much happier and upbeat!

To start off the morning, the puppies and I went for a wonderful hike at our favorite sand dunes!


Then I decided I was going to throw on some running clothes and head to Newport and the beach for a nice run on Cliff Walk…my FAVORITE place to run!  As much as I love our house and our new town, I do miss coastal living and the active lifestyle of Newport with so many avid runners and cyclists, as well as recreation friendly sidewalks and trails everywhere!

Of course to celebrate the nice weather, I had to play on the tire swing Eric built me this summer…I think it’s fabulous!



Started off on the cliffwalk…gorgeous day!20121112-173535.jpg


I conveniently ignored the fence and signs that cliff walk was closed for 2 miles…along with this sign… I figured there may be some debris from the storm but that the city was just being overly cautious.  And darn it, I drove 40 minutes to hike this trail, I’m not turning back!20121112-173540.jpg


Turns out the signs were there for a reason…half of the ocean cliff fences had been washed away in the storm!  It was pretty dangerous!  My poor hands and wrists after a fall involving a fence that grabbed my shoe…20121112-173551.jpg

It was such a gorgeous day I ignored the precarious debris, and continued my run.


I had to scale a few ocean walls to get past the cliffs, but all in all, I made it through safely!




Perfect day!


I call this ‘broken ankle path’:


Looking happy around mile 3 (I did 4 miles overall, but an extra mile of cooldown walking…slowly getting my mileage back)!


Needless to say I took the main roads back to Salve’s campus…it never ceases to amaze me…the architecture and old growth European trees in Newport are so neat!



 It was a gorgeous day and all that sunshine and fresh air definitely took away any winter blues I had been feeling.  Definitely relating well to one of my favorite songs today…

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