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300+ days….and overjoyed!:)

Sorry it has been ridiculously long since my last post…life got so busy and hectic between my new job and my husband finally coming home that I barely have had time to think!

The biggest update of course is…



I am so ecstatically happy to have him home and safe! And so are the puppies…



Other than that’s it’s been work, life, workouts, and yoga all nonstop!






It’s a good life:)




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Days 207-214…life is busy, life is good!

I’ve been away from the blog for one whole week!  Everything has been happening all at once and life has been crazy!  But no complaints here (mainly because I have been complaining too much the past week to everyone else and I’m tired of it!)…I am taking a look at the positive side of everything and enjoying my life one day at a time!  To start off with, all these crazy happenings have just made the last week fly by, and that means it is that much sooner until hubby comes home!  Another plus is that dealing with household emergencies and a crazy work and internship and school schedule just reassures me that I am totally competent and in charge of my life right now, and that feels great!

A nice surprise pick me up came in the mail last week….cute gifts from E!  I love the random teddy bear with greetings from Afghanistan…matched my Kuwaitit camel from last deployment!  Also, I am a huge sucker for precious stones…forget gold and diamonds and bling, give this hippie girl lapis and jade and turquoise and I’m good to go!  I really loved my gifts and it felt nice to be thought of.  Good job, husband!


And now, a picture that totally sums up our two pups…Jack running for his life and Chloe with a crazy open mouth “im coming for you!” grin!


The past two weeks have been a total running party…speed workouts and all types of fun stuff (until my old injuries started acting up which I’ll talk about later…)

This was my first sub 30 5k in I don’t know how long!


Rocking my new necklace and loving my hippie hair getting longer and longer!


We got a surprise random blizzard on Friday…the dogs were NOT impressed.  “Mom…wtf???  Why is that white stuff back?!?!”


…guess we’ll just have to hide under the blankets all day!


Ok…everyone in the world is going to either judge me or secretly are also hiding their bad habit, but….

After giving it up almost all winter, minus going once or twice , I caved and went tanning again… the blizzard totally threw me and my SAD was like “oh HELL no, winter is supposed to be gone, this is horrible and the world is ending!” …so I jumped in the fake bake bed for 10 minutes…let the judging begin.  I wanted to share only because I know there are still closet tanners out there and I am doing so good at beating my tanning addiction, but as long as I live in New England there are going to be those winter days here and there that I just can’t get away from it!


I saw this on pinterest and about died laughing…this is SO me every deployment…but hey, let’s be honest, I’m not exactly in the smooth legs club all the time when hubby is home either.


Another sub 30 5k!!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!!  And a blurry picture because I was still running haha….mad skills at life.


Vicious pit bulls that have to sleep with their head directly on your chest so they can feel your heart beat….preciousness overload!


My friend sent me this and it is SO true.  I am totally that girl and proud of it….as evidenced by today’s completely random and in no way sporadic post haha!  Common themes that run through a post?  Who DOES that?


AAAaaaaannnndddddd…..SPRING IS BACK!  Let’s celebrate by laying in the grass happily!


I think I see a discrepancy in toy size to dog size ratio…


Somewhere in between all of these things was spring break…which wasn’t really a break for me, but I did have no class and there were no students on campus which made work a lot easier haha!

Then came the weekend…

I SOOOOO wish Eric was home to see the gem I discovered on SyFy network this weekend….a movie about military engineered camel spiders?!?!  Oh hell yes.


Sunday morning yoga was fun, and one of my friends came so it was great to have her come to her first Theresa-led yoga class.  Afterwards, her husband and our other friend helped me with some things around the house that I couldn’t figure out on my own.  Did I tell you in addition to all the structural problems we had last week, that our septic almost overflowed?  Yay…crazy murphy’s law of deployments…  So we drained the washer out to the garden and now there will be that many less gallons of water to cause sewage chaos in our back yard…aren’t you excited to read about sewage?  I know I sure am…lies…all lies…

Sunday afternoon it was time for a nice relaxing hike!


We found a random teepee in the woods so I of COURSE had to go inside!  Who wouldn’t?


And when you find a rusty old tire swing in the middle of no where who DOESNT swing on it?


…same with rusty old gates…



I was SO happy that the surprise baby shower I threw my boss on Monday went well!  It is SO hard to surprise her and we NAILED it.  She was almost mad that we got one over on her haha!  Everyone had a blast and she was so happy.  I made her two paintings…one for the baby’s room with inspirational quotes and one for her other daughter’s room with a cute quote about sisters on it since she will be a first time sister soon!



With Monday came structural repair week!

So….turns out I wasn’t paranoid and that big center beam that was sagging so bad?? …Yep…..it’s resting on  a TWO BY FOUR….someone TOOK OUT A WALL and rested the CENTER BEAM on a TWO BY FOUR…are you kidding?????



Totally safe….not.


To escape from the $7000 disaster that is my house, I took the pups for a nice hike…so much fun.


And at night I went for a lovely run!


I had to share my conversation with my best friend from home as she was trying to motivate me to go out for my run…I love that even 1000 miles apart we are still best friends.  By the way go check out her blog…. Eat well, Run hard, Love yourself…


Sadly, after my run, the old injuries I’ve been ignoring all started to rear their ugly heads again…old fractures, old achilles, old knees, and old ankles… all at once!  Not sure if it was the hills, the speedwork, the distance…or maybe everything combined, but crap…not good!  I am taking a few days off and I got a referral today to go see an orthopedist.  I have a sneaking suspicion that my horrible running form and really weird gate are the root cause of my injuries.  Running is the only thing that causes my injuries to flare up, which sucks because running is my favorite thing….but I’ve had a few people tell me, in the nicest way they could, that I run like a total weirdo.  This is the same reason I teach dance instead of perform…I have tibial torsion so my feet point outwards, which means to run normally, my feet either have to go out like I’m in first position in dance to keep my knees facing forward, which then torques my ankles and hips, OR my knees have to bow inward to keep my feet straight.  Yes, I’m aware I am a giant trainwreck…I’m just hoping that the doctors can figure it out…I don’t care if I have to wear Forrest Gump leg braces, I just want to be able to run again!!!!

My new favorite cold drink…honestly it is AMAZING go try it!  And no, they aren’t paying me to say this…although I wish they were…with a lifetime supply of these drinks haha!


I love taking the dogs with my to run errands…can you spot the pit bulls?


Since we cant go in our living room, I drug a recliner to our dining room to relax and watch tv.  The doggies of course KNEW it was for them too and decided we should all pile on there together…this was such a comfortable set up for all involved.  Just look at how snuggly we all look?  Five minutes later the recliner collapsed and scared us all half to death…fun night.


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Days 159-162…a surprise 10k and a birthday care package!

Friday was an all day work training….oh joy.  So glad I went early to jump on the elliptical or else I would’ve gone crazy sitting around all day!  I was disappointed at the ‘healthy’ food options though…I got halfway through my berries only to realize some of them were MOLDY!  Ugh!!


We had a few nice days…but it was still a little chilly…pupster had a blast when she realized the water bowl had created a giant ice toy…


After yoga on Saturday, my old roomie and I decided to go for a quick run because it was semi-nice out…sunny and in the 40s!


Don’t mind my giant man-sweatshirt…it’s my ‘Don’t bother me, I’m busy running’ shirt!


What started out as a quick 5 k turned into a 10 k!  My dear friend, who has never run over 3 miles, turned out to be one of those lucky naturally talented runners…we hit miles 3, 4, and 5 and she was still on fire so we just kept going!  I think I was feeling it more than she was!

Getting to the finish was awesome…we had a celebratory photo shoot!


Running buddies!


The drive home was wonderful…gorgeous sunset on the bridge!


And with all that working out, I got to eat lots of cookies that night:)


I decided to go for it and attempt the cake in a jar for E’s birthday care package on Sunday.


It turned out just how it was supposed to!  I was very happily surprised!  I hope it holds up well in the mail!


I also finished my art projects for our bedroom…I love getting decorations up on the walls!



Today was a wonderful workout day…elliptical and some intense weights!  I love getting strong again…I feel great being able to get back into my old routine.  I am already seeing my body going back to how it was…I love feeling muscular and strong instead of just trying to be ‘skinny’.



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Days 144-151…yogafit trainings, back to work, and a cold…

What a crazy week!  I had two yogafit trainings in one weekend, went back to work a week early from break, and then got a cold yesterday.  Every time I wanted to update my adventures, I was either busy or exhausted or sick!  So here we are at day 151…you know what that means????? HALFWAY THERE!!!!!  We are at the halfway point of the 300 days and that feels fantastic!:)

So let’s recap the last week…lots of puppy snuggles…


A full day of learning about Prenatal yoga…such a really amazing and inspiring training.  It is so interesting to learn about all the intricacies of the whole pregnancy and birth process…and we had two moms to be in the class along with moms with experience, so it was a great group to be around!


I also got back into my cardio routines over the weekend…since I can’t run, I am going to be hitting up the arc trainer for the winter…I did an hour after Friday’s training and it was great!


We read Pathways to Joy for the level 3 training and I really loved this book…what a great summary of the philosophy of love and peace behind yoga.


Of course a training is not complete without some fun gratuitous yoga pose pictures!


The sunrise was so gorgeous over the Harrisburg bridge on my way to day three!


Yoga yoga yoga yoga…..


Caffeine and yoga…


Such a great weekend!


We learned all about the chakras, which was pretty neat too!


When I got home, I was right back into the swing of things with the puppies…such as their hour-long makeout sessions on the couch…


My nutritious sick-day lunch…

Spaghetti squash with salsa and vegetarian refried beans…Deeeelicious!


My of the only good parts of winter are the gorgeous sunsets…the contrast of the dark tree branches with the colorful sky…I love it!


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Day 90-care packages, yoga, sunny day:)


What a pretty morning!  It was so great to wake up to NO snow,  and some bright sunshine to take its place!

I sat outside with the puppies and they were totally soaking up the sun!


So adorable how they choose to sit together!  I LOVE these little babies so much.


I spent the morning cleaning up the house, took the pups for a short hike, but my eczema was really bothering me so we couldn’t go too far…my poor hands hurt holding the leashes!

I was so happy to get to talk to hubby today online for a bit and figured I’d send him his Thanksgiving care package, even though I really don’t have much to send…he got a WONDERFULLY designed hand crafted Thanksgiving drawing, as well as a fun note documenting all the wonders of the care package…

A sleep mask, a book, sunflower seeds, coffee, and ‘mother fucking snack packs- pudding in a cup!’  Haha…I dont know what possessed me to get so excited about sending pudding, except that I love how excited he gets when he sees them on sale at the store, so I thought it would be fun to make a big deal about sending them!  I hope he likes it!


After running some errands and trying to get things ready for my YogaFit training this weekend, I did a nice relaxing candlelight yoga session.  I am feeling SO amazing with my yoga every day challenge!  I loved the feeling of doing yoga at sunset with just candle light…it changed the whole mood and focus of the practice.  I felt awesome after.  30 minutes of yoga since I’m sore from yesterday and gearing up for this weekend’s classes!  I am super excited, and just a little nervous since I will be staying at a hotel alone and since it’s hard to find good food I can eat while traveling.

(Real life food allergy confession…I bought organic baby food to eat this weekend in case I can’t find any places that serve things I can eat during the training…yes, that’s where I’m at in life…)


Check out my other blog entry today where I documented a day in my life of food and meals!  I think it’s pretty nifty:)


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Day 88 – positivity and winter workouts!

Started off with a wonderful morning teaching 7 am before school yoga for the teachers at my internship. I’m going to be running a weekly yoga and relaxation group for them and they are so excited and grateful! It was wonderful.

At 8 I ran my 7th grade girls group and they were so great today! We did a nice vinyasa sequence and they had a lively discussion on the 4 parts of our lesson… Focusing on what we feel, think, say, and do. They made some great real life connections to yoga and relaxation! I was so proud!

If anyone’s wondering, I’ve been pulling some great lesson plans from a manual from two faculty at SUNY Buffalo, pictured below…


Early morning yoga kept me positive all day, despite the SNOW storm! I got to talk to hubby a bit and I just want to say I have the sweetest most understanding and wonderful husband in the world. He always knows exactly what to say to brighten up my whole day, especially when I’ve been feeling down!

Once at work I found out my ballet studio cancelled classes tonight because it looks like this outside…

So I’m on the arc trainer fitting in my workout for the day! I’m hoping to lift a bit at home too! Since I wasn’t anticipating working out here I had to make due with the reserve of clothes I keep under my desk.
Lets hope short shorts and neon blue socks are in this year…


So here’s to you all from the gym! Keep strong and motivated!:)


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Day 87 – The Yoga and Positivity Every Day Challenge….


As you may be able to tell from my post last night, I am not a huge fan of the winter time.  In fact, I get down right depressed when the clocks turn back and the weather turns cold.  No matter how positive I am during the summer, the darkness and cold just affect me in a not so nice way.  Last winter wasn’t too bad…mainly because my husband was home and the weather was super mild.  But with hubby gone, the air getting colder, and the days getting shorter, I have had a pretty low mood the last few days.  Granted, I am doing better than I have in the past…my outlook on life is in such a good place that it’s hard to stay as depressed as I used to get for long, but it’s still a struggle.  I’ve been having anxiety attacks the last week or so and I know it’s time to start formulating plans to get me safely and peacefully through the upcoming winter. 

I started those plans this morning, after a pretty rough and emotional start to my day…I failed at my attempt to hike with the dogs because it was just too cold, which then resulted in a cry session, especially after getting cut off in traffic, adding to my stress.  I decided that I wasn’t going to let my whole day be affected though.  I got home and jumped right into a wonderful yoga session.  I put on some of my new favorite tunes and got started on a relaxing and refreshing 30 minute mix of vinyasa and restorative poses.  After 15 minutes, I was happily in a wonderful yoga zone…thinking clearly and filling my heart with love and compassion. 

After that I ate a healthy lunch, and decided to read more of my awesome Buddhist philosophy book by Thich Naht Hahn, “You Are Here”…what a great reminder to live in the present moment, basking in the impermanence and interbeing of all things.  Also, getting to sit outside in the sunlight depsite the chill in the air was a super great way to get some much needed sunshine in my life!


Later I began a new painting…I need to get back into my art habits…painting new artwork for our house will be a great thing to keep me busy this winter!

I also got to chat with my husband for a while online…what a wonderful surprise!  The dogs enjoyed the couch time too!


I went into work early so I could go to yoga…I just wanted to really establish that calm and peaceful mindset within myself for the rest of the day…it was phenomenal and I got to talk to my supervisor about all the stress I’ve been under.  I’m realizing how important it is to share the things I’m going through when it comes to anxiety and stress rather than keeping it to myself.  I don’t want it to affect my work in some way and have it seem like I’m just slacking off when the real cause may just be how I was feeling that day.  She was very understanding which was great.


I love this quote by Ram Dass…the quieter you can make your external world and internal dialouge, the more you can hear the truth and beauty all around and inside of you…the universal truths that surround us. 

Who wants to join me on my goal of doing a yoga/meditation/gratitude/positivity practice every day this year?  I really want to make it a daily occurence…hopefully first thing in the morning, even if it’s just for 20 minutes.  A few sun salutations, some deep breathing, a meditation on peace, goodness, and light… I think it will yield great rewards.  I’m hoping to keep consistent and grounded all through the winter and into the warmth once more!


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