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Days 173-175…wonderful weekend…puppies, yoga, art, running, and food!


It’s finally FEBRUARY!  And my homecoming calendar says it’s about 4 1/2 months til hubby comes home!:)  E’s birthday is this week and I feel so bad I don’t get to spend it with him…his last deployment he had leave for his birthday week.  Although, I would much rather have this shorter deployment and no leave time…9 months is a lot better than 11-12!


We had a HUGE windstorm this week that knocked down a lot of branches.  The doggies thought that toys had miraculously fallen from the heavens and had a super fun weekend with all the debris.


Since it was a heck of a lot colder this weekend than it had been all week, and since I was exhausted from getting back into the swing of teaching yoga/dance almost every day, we had a LOT of snuggle time this weekend…



Can you find me in the last picture?  I’m hidden under two big pit bulls…snuggle monsters attack!

Saturday was another fun filled class at the studio and a fun picture afterwards since I wanted to show E I wear the bracelet he got me when I teach…lapis is such a calming stone, it is a great way to have a relaxing class. I have also become obsessed with tiger’s eye this week…I’ve been wearing my old bracelet made with tigers eye and it really does seem to bring a sense of clarity and peace. I can’t explain it, but I’m totally becoming obsessed with precious stones!


We also installed a new door lock since our old one was literally getting blown open by the WIND…not super safe.  I told hubby now he can tell everyone that he left for a deployment and his wife changed the locks on him…


Chloe dragging an entire tree branch across the yard…she must be able to pull 3 times her own weight…


I had the genius idea this weekend to rip up the ugly linoleum in our bedroom…but underneath the tile and on top of the wood is a gross felt-like layer that is NOT coming off.  So sad…whoever did the flooring in this house was an ass.  They covered up all the hardwood with horrible adhesive and linoleum…no sheet in between to save the wood floors.  So frustrating.


Yesterday I went to teach my normal Sunday class…and I waited and waited….taking random pictures of the studio…


And random pictures of my mat…and my feet…


But no one came!  Then I remembered a) it was about 20 degrees and most of my clients walk to class, and b) it was apparently Superbowl sunday…..

So I drove over to the gym and jumped on the treadmill for an easy 4 miles!


It was a great run!  I averaged a 10min/mile pace, but I did intervals.  Started out at about 10:50, then 10:30, then 9:40, then 9, and for the last half mile 8:30!  I am new to the whole speed work thing, but progressively going faster as I go longer seems to work for me…not sure if there is a real name for it (thought I should since I’m a personal trainer and have now been running for 7 years…oooops).  I felt amazing afterwards though!


More cute puppy time after the gym…I couldn’t help it, I was a crazy obsessive doggy mom this weekend!:)


I also got a chance to do some fun yoga art….I love doing pieces of art around favorite quotes.


I added it to my fireplace collection…although I dont know how happy E will be to come home and find his sports memorabilia moved and my paintings in their place!


For a small extra bday gift for E, I saw this quote on pinterest and thought it would make a cute painting…I’m going to attach ribbon to it and hang it up in our room!


Last night’s dinner was one of my easy favorites…wild brown rice with broccoli and carrots, mixed with Trader Joe’s refried beans, and salsa.  Quick, easy, and perfect winter comfort food!

I have been eating more and more calories lately….in an attempt to be healthier and get my metabolism back to wear it needs to be after years of restricting and dieting.  It’s a hard process, but I’ve found, as I have at other times in my life, that running is the best thing to do when you want to regulate your diet.  For me, running helps put me in touch with my hunger…I know after I run that I need to fuel my body and that my cravings are because I actually worked hard and need the food.  Getting back into heavy weight training and running have made me look and feel so much better…and overcoming the vitamin deficiencies I had been struggling with has been amazing.  However, it never gets easy seeing the numbers on the scale go up….which is why I’ve been making an effort to only check my weight once every week or so.  Today I realized I have officially gained 15 lbs since last summer…but I know that I look so much better than I did then.  I’m not saying I don’t have room for improvement (2 desserts some day isn’t the healthiest option!)…but I am a strong believer that you can be healthier and happier at a heavier weight.  I just need to keep reminding myself that having energy, running distance, lifting heavy, and looking and feeling great have nothing to do with numbers on a scale and everything to do with being a balanced, healthy, strong person.  I may still struggle sometimes, but I’m getting there!


And as the perfect ending to this post…remember, sometimes you just need to hide your face, bury yourself in the corner of the couch, and hide away from the world for a day…oh, little brown dog, you are ridiculous…



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Days 137-138-139…I’m getting there…


Winter is always a little struggle for me…the cold, the rain, the snow, the dark.  So I had a bit of a rough week this week…add in the stress of the holidays, not feeling good for a few days, and my anxiety was a little over the top.  But I made it through, and today I’m doing really good.   The last few days had some highlights though!


First, was waking up super early and seeing the full moon as it set..really neat!


I made my famous cookies the other day…SO good and so healthy!

Just 2 cups oats, one banana, one cup coconut yogurt, 1/2 cup chocolate chips, 1/2 cup dried cranberries, 1/2 cup coconut flakes, cinnamon, and 2 tbsp almond or sunflower seed butter…350 for 20 minutes…I am obsessed!


Yesterday, we actually had a dog trainer come to the house!  Chloe has been acting really anxious and aggressive again when seeing dogs or people walk down the street, and now our neighbors have a new dog that she has been freaking out about through the fence…  Even though I work hard on her training, I feel like I dont make much progress with those behaviors.  I hate bringing in an outsider, because I do so much research myself and have the experience that should work, but it was worth it just to get some advice and have her tell me I actually am doing a good job.  It is great to know that I have been working hard and that it is paying off…just have to really keep working on everything!  She was EXHAUSTED after her training session though!


Got a great surprise in the mail yesterday…a star sapphire ring from the husband!  How sweet!  I really love it and its so nice that he thinks of me for random gifts like that all the time.  I’m so lucky.


Today I woke up and saw frost…uhoh…


I finally perfected the perfect yoga hairstyle…no more frizz and hair falling all over the place during class!  Two braids, then tying those braids in a knot and clipping in place is my new favorite style!


Came to a realization, while waiting for class to start…I subconsciously picked our yoga studio colors as the paint colors for the rooms I’ve painted in our house!  Talk about the unconscious mind picking things up and not even realizing it!


We finally ran out of luck and caught a big snow storm tonight…almost a foot so far…the dogs were happy for about a minute, then decided to come in and pass out asleep for the rest of the night!



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Food for Friday!

With all my talk of fitness and food on here, I realize I haven’t posted much about what I actually eat!  With so many allergies, it can be hard to eat nutritious and filling food that actually tastes good.  I wanted to share a typical day’s worth of meals so that anyone else with allergies or following a vegetarian/gluten free lifestyle can get some healthy ideas:)


First comes breakfast!

On a typical day I’ll eat sunflower seed butter with a rice cake if I’m in a rush.  On the rare mornings I have time, I’ll make my favorite Berry Mash!

Berry Mash Recipe:

1 1/2 cups frozen berries (raspberry, strawberry, blueberry)

1/2 cup applesauce

1 1/2 tablespoons almond butter


2 tablespoons flaxseed

Heat berries until they are warm and mash-able, mix in other ingredients…it’s really that simple and oh so tasty!

Next comes LUNCH….


I was vegan for a while, but after my aforementioned battles with a severe and recently diagnosed vitamin b12 deficiency, alone with pretty bad eczema, I have been adding fish and eggs into my semi-vegetarian diet.  Today’s lunch was pan-seared wild

caught tuna from Trader Joe’s , seasoned with dill, salt, and pepper, along with a healthy portion of steamed broccoli, all topped off with red and green salsa!  Delicious!

For my evening snack/dessert….


…I made my famous Pumpkin Mash, which I’ve written about before.  Pumpkin puree, applesauce, almond butter, chocolate chips, and cinnamon, all melted together to form a wonderful, gooey, delicious dessert!  In love with this.

During my evening yoga practice I was craving some tea, so I made a new flavor I bought today at Whole Foods from Republic of Tea!

Green Rooibos Tea with Plantain and Coconut!  Oh my goodness…SO SO good!  I am addicted after just one cup!  (Also note the wonderful mortar/pestle and plantain smasher in the background that my dear friend Ashley got me from the Dominican Republic…I think they are so neat!)


I’m not all that hungry tonight, since my only workout was a short hike with the dogs and 30 minutes of my own yoga practice…I’ll probably have a nice snack of a few figs (my FAVORITE snack) along with maybe a rice cake and some sunflower seed butter (the Once Again Organic Sunflower seed butter is AMAZING!)

So this is a typical day of food for me…usually adds up to about 1300-1400 calories.  If I do a hard workout, I’ll add in a little more for dinner…usually carrots and hummus, maybe two rice cakes, or some veggie sushi!  What does a typical food day look like for you?

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