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Days 244-251…more random updates…


Can we tell it’s getting to be that time?  Even though it’s still far away in some regards, it’s also seeming more and more close….meaning it’s been harder and harder to concentrate and keep a train of thought.  My husband is coming home in roughly two months and I am too excited to sit still!  Maybe getting back into this blog, which helped keep me sane at the beginning of the deployment, will keep me sane for the end of it as well! 

Let’s start by introducing what I thought was a GREAT Yoga Journal article, by Coral Brown, a teacher right here in RI!  It is about strengthening your core, but she comes from the stance of your physical, emotional, and spiritual core…I really liked her paralels to strength and acceptance rather than the mainstream “Get a 6-pack now!” type articles in most fitness magazines.  Cool stuff, check it out!


I taught a fair bit of yoga the last two weeks…always the anchor that keeps me grounded!


I am super psyched to be feeling healthy and STRONG again, finally!  My muscles are back , I feel energized, able, and so happy and confident in my body again.  I credit so much of this with yoga.  Running has definitely been a huge factor, with getting my legs and energy levels and strength back, however yoga has been the biggest change in my life this year…teaching 4-5 times a week plus my own practice….my arms are stronger and more jacked than when I used to lift every other day.  I never realized the power of body weight exercises like chataranga and crow until now!  Love feeling strong and seeing new progress every week!


Sunny weather means lots of hiking for the puppies this week! (Also it was school vacation so I didnt have internship for five whole days!!)




I made them pose for a few pictures, they weren’t too amused haha.


By the end of the week, Chlo-chlo was EXHAUSTED, so she took a nice nap in the sun… MOST EPIC PICTURE EVER…


Every send some prayers out for our little foster pup who my mom adopted…he was attacked by a dog out on a walk and has a few puncture wounds:(  He is healing well, but it is such a shame that the other owner was so irresponsible…police are investigating and it looks like the owner may be charged with cruelty to the dog, which makes sense because dogs aren’t just vicious for no reason.  Sad situation, but I am glad he is feeling good…sending good vibes his way!


We went for a wonderful hike this weekend…well actually two…one to tire the dogs out, then another one to find this awesome view and climb some fun cliffs!  Of course I had to do yoga on every boulder…




And who can see a bridge without DOING a bridge on it?  Not this girl…


I also used my mornings off to finish painting the living room!  Yay for happy bright colors every where!


And…..surprise!  More hikes at my favorite place!!!  These sand dunes make me feel like I’m living the dream out West, so that’s what I pretend whenever I’m hiking there…


Poor pups were tired after all of my hiking adventures this week…they say “Ok, you can go back to internship now!”



I LOVE this mix on 8tracks…so perfect for this upbeat sunny weather we’ve been having!


We finally have a working LIGHT in our bedroom!  Since we’ve moved in we’ve relied on awkwardly placed lamps that have resulted in lots of stubbed toes…now let there be light!!  Next project before hubby comes home is a nice dark wood floor install and then our new bed comforter set…I think the dark browns will make the lavendar walls look less tacky..it didn’t look as ‘purple’ in the sample…


On a side note, this just about summed up my week….I made SO many cookies!


Took the pups for another hike today…then we got kicked out because apparently the air force uses the area to practice air drops of supplies on random days…super safe!  Haha.  I decided to go for a 4 mile run, which for some reason was a struggle…need to take some time off so I am all rested up for the half marathon….which is in less than two weeks!!!!  It snuck up on me fast, and my longest run has been less than 6.5miles…it’s gonna be rough…


On a side note, when I flipped to the back of YJ today, I saw this….how…is…this…even…possible….???? 



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Days 170-172…fitness frenzy and a heat wave:)


Rocking my new favorite winter style…I wear this scarf just about daily either as a scarf or shawl…I’m hoping hubby will take the hint and send me more:)  It is the perfect winter/spring attire especially when you work in buildings where the heat is all wonky!

We began our monthlong spring break weight loss program this week and it has been a huge success so far!  We are over booked and the girls all seem so into it!  We did their measurements and gave them notebooks to track their progress!


We also have been having a bit of a heat wave this week!  I was so happy to be able to sit out in the sun!  Mr Jack is giving me a look like “My mom is crazy…”


I bought my bridesmaids dress for one of my best friend’s weddings this summer!  She just gave me the color she wanted me to get and I found this awesome dress for sale from David’s!  I ordered it a size smaller than I measured for because it is extra incentive to get back into shape for the spring/summer.  I’m so excited to get it…it actually looks like it’s going to be really pretty!


I had to share this ecard…it totally sums up the Friday nights my old roommate and I have been having…we meet up after work, gossip about life, wake up early for yoga, then spend the weekend doing crafts…


This morning was so nice that after my internship I took the puppies for a much needed hike!!


It was super windy, but we had a blast! 


I love my awesome hunter hat…I feel kind of badass in it…


It was a gorgeous day and the puppies loved it!…So did I!


Chloe took my lawn chair as an open invitation to sit on my lap, so we had some fun cuddle time!  I love this spoiled little monster girl.


I’ve been on a chill music kick the last two days…yesterday was stressful after teaching an unexpectedly packed yogasweat class to 20 loud college students, then having some home repair trouble…so I blasted chill 90s songs and made a new playlist before teaching my second yoga class of the day…it totally helped and I continued the theme today to stay chill and focused!


I couldn’t help myself…I had to work late so I caved and bought veggie sushi!  And ate it ALL!


Today I am super proud of myself.  I ate more than I’ve probably eaten all year.  Honestly, I don’t eat this much unless I’m running 10 + miles.  But I worked out so much I know I needed to fuel myself.  And I’m turning Thursdays into my splurge and workout a ton days…if I have to work til midnight, I might as well get my big workout in! 


I hiked the dogs, personal trained for an hour which probably burned more calories than I counted for it, ellipticalled for 40 mins, lifted heavy for 30 mins with a friend, and ran for 10 mins.  I’m feeling great!  And only about an hour til closing time!


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Days 163, 164, & 165…last semester begins!

This is the last first week of grad school!  I will be done in the spring!  Of course I’ll still have to get a few more credits for my licensing, but my master’s will officially be done as of June 2013! 

It was a bit of a stressful week getting everything ready for the students to retrun…finalizing the fitness schedule, going to meetings, getting back into the swing of things at my internship, and teaching yoga at my other studios…as well as going to my first classes of the semester, which I think are going to be great! 

The fun part is planning a big yoga workshop I will be leading Monday about setting healthy intentions for the new year, using yoga and art…these river rocks with reminders of our intentions are going to be one of the art projects, along with a nice journal to keep track of the healthy goals we make!  Not sure how many students will come, but I think it will be fun anyway!


My dogs are so bored with the cold weather lately, that they just sit on the couch and kiss each other all the time…Chloe looks so annoyed…



My mom sent us this cute card for Valentine’s day…I LOVE sappy Valentine’s cards haha.  Yes I am still 8.


My old roomies had a fun Texas roadtrip that I couldn’t get time or money for, but the other day in the mail, I got 4 postcards from their trip all at once…it felt nice that they were thinking of me even though I couldn’t be there!


With this frigid weather, I’ve gotten creative with my outfits.  Hubby bought me this scarf in Kuwait last deployment, and I’ve been using it as a shawl/head wrap to deal with the cold.  My friend from school called it my ‘babushka’ like old Russian ladies wear haha.  Her and our other friend were laughing at me, but tempered it with, “No no no…that’s totally your style…very unique..very Theresa…” …haha not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but I’ll take it!


Last night I taught a great Yogalates class…7 people in our nice small studio…great workout and great energy!

Tonight was personal training…I forced my very running, functional training-oriented client to do a bunch of difficult yoga stuff just to change things up.  She enjoyed the challenge, but I don’t know if I have her completely hooked yet!

Since I’m trying to readjust to working til midnight again this semester, I have decided to get my mid range training runs in on these nights in preparation for the half in April!  It really helped the night go by and gave me energy so that I don’t even feel like it’s already 11pm!  (Might also be because I just ate blueberries and a sugar cookie…need to work on my post-run nutrition…I always just want SWEETS after I run…anyone else have that issue??)

All in all I was happy with my run…4 miles, but feeling great the whole time!  Started out slow because my hip had been bothering me for a few days, but it felt okay, so I was able to do some speed work, alternating between 10 min pace, 930 pace, and finally 830 pace…going to faster intervals as I neared 4 miles.  I don’t know jack about speed work and make up my own drills as I go, but it was fun to push myself to go faster as I got more tired!  All in all it was a great workout!


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Days 155-158…back and better than ever!:)


Finally feeling better!!  I beat the dreaded flu with all natural remedies…lots of sleep and herbs and vitamins.  4 days later, and I’m back and better than I was before!  Added bonus is I had an excuse to eat lots of yummy feel good food, like my beloved pumpkin chocolate mash!20130117-130924.jpg

We had the most wonderful beautiful two warm days!  Almost 60 in RI in January!  I celebrated by painting outside at my favorite spot!


And the puppies loved having grass back for a few days!


Lounging in the sun makes us all SO happy!


If the weather stayed like this all year, I’d be perfectly happy!


I celebrated our second gorgeous day by going for a nice 3 mile run…it turned out a lot better than the run I attempted on Sunday before I was completely healed and had to stop four times.   This was a wonderful run just like the good old days!  Love getting my mileage back up…I hope we have a few nice days this winter like this so I can keep up with my running.  I love the Arc Trainer, but logging real miles is just so different.  I’m also signed up for at least one more half marathon this year! I need to get my mileage back to where it was.  I am seriously debating trying for a full marathon, but I dont know if my body is ready for that yet.  I am still getting my vitamin levels back to where they need to be and with my history of stress fractures, I don’t want to push myself too much.  Maybe just a few halfs to get my endurance where I like it, then try for a marathon next year…it would be fitting to run 26 miles at age 26, no? 


I just had to share one of my new favorite quotes…I need to make this into a painting for our house soon…


Also had to share this…I laughed out loud when I saw it…confusing those around me who don’t always appreciate good yoga humor.  It’s doubly amusing because hubby calls me T-Rex as a nickname…and I teach yoga…oooohhh the irony.


Two new art projects I’m working on…to go with the lavender theme in our room…the shutters are going to act as a picture frame of sorts and the flower picture may get a quote added to it…still a work in progress..


In other exciting news…my skin has finally cleared up!  No more painful ugly eczema!  What was the culprit?  Eggplant!  Seriously?  Yes…the same girl who is allergic to such gems as dairy, wheat, peanuts, kiwi, and honeydew melon, is also allergic to eggplant….oh joy.  But at least I figured it out and can wear my wedding rings again and actually use my hands:)


I am getting back into my awesome beast workout modes again…loving it!  Running, arc trainer, and some heavy duty lifting! 

I’m working on getting back to my personal bests for lifting and this week my stats are improving…still not where I was on some, but I’m proud none the less considering how weak I had gotten:

Leg press 150lbs, 20 reps

Deadlift and Squat 95lb, 12 reps

Unassisted bench press 65 lb, 12 reps

Clean and overhead press, 50 lb, 20 reps

Pulldown, 55 lbs

Biceps and Triceps, 15 lbs, 12 reps


Huge snow storm two days ago…as hard as I tried to stay positive, I couldn’t help but spend the morning looking up homes in SC and GA on Trulia…I found this amazing old farmstead by Charleston and almost booked my ticket and put in an offer sight unseen, but then hubby reminded me we have to wait til he gets home and his contract is up…so 5-6 more years of cold winters I guess….but at least I can dream and plan for our nice warm farm someday!



What have I been putting off?  Oh nothing, just my grad school graduation app….not that I’m not super excited to be done in the spring…I just think it’s so DUMB to have to pay $200 regardless of whether or not you are walking!  Sooo frustrating…don’t we pay enough to just go here?  Why does a piece of paper cost $200?


On a happy note…I LOVE new workout clothes…just taught ballet and am feeling fabulous:)



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Day 114…back to p90x shape!

Definitely started the day off on the right foot…getting back into P90X!  I really miss being my old jacked self, and even though I love dance and yoga, I really need to get back into lifting.  My old routine isn’t cutting it so I am going back to the p90x approach!  When I used to do these dvds, it kicked my butt, and I LOVE Tony Horton’s approach to fitness…what people don’t realize is most of the workouts are very basic lifts and fitness routines…he just adds on neat twists and modifications to get your muscles really guessing.  I also love that he combines basically every aspect of fitness into his workouts…strength, cardio, endurace, flexibility, speed…it’s all there.  Of course, I’m going to focus mostly on the strength dvds this time around, because I get a lot of my workouts in with dance and yoga during the week already (although I am super excited to add in at least one of the plyo and kenpo workouts a week too…they are fun!)  20121205-124705.jpg

I have to just gush a little more about how awesome the paint job in the living room turned out!  I am SO happy it’s finally done, and every time I walk into the room it’s a huge feeling of comfort and happiness…I LOVE the color:)


Since I woke up early and worked out, it was only proper to then cuddle with the cute puppies the rest of the day!


It’s amazing how small this little monster can make herself when she wants to look cute!

And the handsome boy just likes to look out the window all night…squirrels?  Racoons?


Cuddle party on the couch!


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Workouts and Weight…

Well, BOO to you too thunderstorms!  Guess we won’t be doing our 10 mile race tonight:(  Going to have to make it a gym day and hopefully fit in a short outdoor run later before the storms start! 

I was really looking forward to the 10 miler for a few reasons…one being that I have been trying to reestablish a good running routine.  It seems like running is the only way I can consistantly get the results I want as part of my fitness plan.  Case in point, due to my work schedule, I’ve been doing a TON of cross training the last few months…I teach yoga 4 times a week, ballet fitness twice a week, and lift twice a week, in addition to at least 30 minutes of cardio 4-5 days a week (elliptical, calisthenics, house repair work, etc).  However, since March, the scale has slowly gone up…by 10 pounds (and then back down by 5 again, but still)!!!

Part of the issue has to do with food…for a few years there, after a big weight gain freshman year of about 30 lbs, I had a huge love/hate relationship with food.  I would exercise for hours trying to lose the weight, but be so famished I’d eat back all the work I had put in.  Then I realized if I just really really cut back, I lost A LOT and FAST.  This also became an unhealthy balance.  So I would swing back and forth between unhealthy habits, getting frustrated with my progress and overexercising one week, then restricting my food the next…I DID lose the weight, but at what cost?  I had a very unhealthy relationship with food and with my body!

Too big…. (5 years ago…40-50lbs heavier)

Too small…(Last fall…10 lbs less than I am now..)

Just right? (Last week…up 5-10 lbs up from last year…but is this just my body’s ‘right weight’?  I weighed this much before and was healthy and in shape…was I just not meant to be 10 lbs lighter than this?  Maybe my body is happier here…)

So this past year or two I’ve really made an effort to get back to a healthy balance.  Running enough that I enjoyed it and met my fitness goals, but not to the point of obsession or injuries, eating healthy foods and trying to increase my calorie limits to a healthy range, cross training a bunch with new fun fitness loves, like more dance and zumba, weight training, yoga, Pilates, etc…  I really am super proud of all the strides I’ve made!  I am much more balanced, happy, healthy, and I know I look better too. 

When I first saw the weight gain I thought Ugh.  Devastating.  But I’m determined to get through it and not let it affect my happiness.  I know I am happy and healthy…that’s a good starting point.  I also have been focusing a LOT on building strength, lifting a lot more than I had been…and we all know muscle weighs more than fat…another good step in a positive direction. 

I need less of these…

And more of these…

What now?  Well, I am going to make some small tweeks in my diet…first, cutting back on desserts.  I do have a sweet tooth, and even though I still eat a healthy dessert, I’m sure the fruit, almond butter and organic chocolate TWICE a day is a little much…I’m going to replace one of my sweets with a nice protein shake or some fruit.  I’m also going to try incorporating smoothies into my diet more…replacing a meal with a healthy fruit/veggie/and protein packed shake when I’m on the go.  And I’m sure getting back into a running routine is going to help too.

But the biggest change?  I’m going to do everything in my power to not get super stressed and upset about this.  I know that I am healthy at this weight, and I know that my body NEEDS the fuel from the healthy amount of food I eat to do all the AMAZING things it does for me every day.  I LOVE that my body can run 13.1 miles, can lift heavy weights and make me feel strong, can teach yoga classes and bring peace and calm to the people I am blessed to teach, can dance and make beautiful connections with music and movement….I LOVE my body, and I value it, and I am going to focus on THAT, not a scale.

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Leading up to the 300 days…

So the hubster (my totally endearing nickname for the husband) doesn’t leave for another few weeks, so the 300 days haven’t officially started yet.  But I am busy gearing up for them.  We are trying to fit as much happiness and positive, fun things into our last few weeks as we can!  So why not commemorate these days too?

To start off, we are going to run the Naragansett 10 Miler Blessing of the Fleet Race this Friday after we get off work!  It is a great ocean-side race that I’ve always wanted to do.  I’m pretty behind on distance training, but I’ve been doing a lot of cross-training all summer so I know I can do it.  I may not keep up with my usual pace, but who knows, I may surprise myself.  That’s what happened when I did my half marathon last year without many distance runs leading up to it, and I finished under 2:20, keeping up with my usual tempo of around 10min/mile! 


(Smiling because I’m at mile one of 13 last fall…)

Other than that, I’m working on staying positive through my yoga practice, and learning how to give back through yoga.  I was so deeply inspired by my time at the Yoga Service Council’s first annual conference this May  at Omega Institute and all the amazing work that people are doing bringing yoga to underserved communities. 


I met so many amazing people there, including representatives from Yoga Activist.  I loved that they, along with the Yoga Service Council, provide support for new yoga service projects.  So, I took a leap and applied for a mat donation to start a yoga program for the foster kids at the adoption agency I am interning with…

And it worked!  Yoga Activist donated 18 mats that I have been using to teach weekly yoga classes to foster children at University of Rhode Island’s First Star Academy, through my internship agency Adoption RI.  The teens seem to enjoy learning more about yoga and meditation.  When surveyed a few weeks ago, they were so eloquent in wanting to learn more about yoga for various reasons…”to help clear my mind”, “to calm myself down”, “to learn to meditate and relax”, “to make my body healthy and more flexible”.  This past week, they were tired, so I gave them the option to nap as their meditation or engage in some slow flow yoga…3 of them actually wanted to practice the whole 40 minutes, while others meditated silentely, and others napped (hey, at least they were respectful, quiet, and in control of their own relaxation skills!)

What else have I been up to?  Well today was eventful at work…I took my supervisor’s Les Mills Body Pump lifting class, which always kicks my butt!  Plus I added extra weight to my bar, feeling super tough by the new dog tag necklace dear husband gave me the other day:)  The result?  I feel SORE, but strong.  Then we auditioned a new yoga teacher, who is a sweetheart, so at least I got a little bit of a stretch.  I am excited to go home and EAT and rest…a nice relaxing night with hubby and the pups sounds perfect!

Will update with race results soon!

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